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Space Migration, Species Survival, and Global Responsibility

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The difficulties involved in formulating a private cybercorporation with quasi-sovereign authority to facilitate humankind space migration are exemplified in part by the 1996 U.S.  Telecommunications Act.[6]  This Act was passed by the U.S. Senate with only five dissenting votes.  Certain words prohibited from use in communications could precipitate a $250 fine per incident violation.  The chances are quite reasonable that the vast majority of members of Congress, both the House and the Senate, had no idea.., or very limited understanding.., of what constituted cyberpersona, cyberspace, cybernation, cyberlaw, and the like.

In many ways, the metamorphosing definitions of these terms are considered the new, and frequently alien, working dimension of the human mind by various individuals who consider cyberspace to be the “territory” of a uniquely new sovereignty.  For the evolving generations, the objective is, and will continue to be, identification of issues and characteristics that form distinctively different conditions embraced by the cyberspace world.., and also the evolving cyberpersona of an incomplete species and its potential descendants, anticipating the necessity for constant transition, evolution, adjustment, and survival off-Earth.

Finally, to what extent, and in what fashion, will the role of “escape velocity” play in this form of facilitating space migration for species-kind survival and that of the ongoing odyssey of its “essence”?  Falling back on an old phrase characterizing comparatively early forms of interpersonal communications.., “Stay tuned”.  And more importantly, stay aware.


[1] Transhumanism is considered an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to enhance significantly the human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.  Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as study the “ethical” matters involved in developing and using such technologies.  They predict that humans eventually may be able to transform themselves into a species with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label “posthuman”.  For descriptions of what is considered transhuman and also post human in a biojuridical context, see by G.  Robinson, “Space Law for Humankind, Transhumans, and Post Humans: Need for a Unique Theory of Natural Law Principles?” in Annals of Air and Space Law, McGill Univ.  ( 2008).

[2] See, therefore, http://www.eaglehill.us/spaevo.

[3] In the context of humankind evolution and adjustment as a basic dictate of a secular analysis of species survival, but without disfranchising the importance of “faith” focused on in a humanistic approach, see by G.  Robinson, “The Search for Biogenesis and the Lurch toward Space Law Secularism”, in Annals of Air and Space Law 645-712, McGill Univ., Vol.  XXXI  (2009).

[4] In this context, and for an early discussion of the problematic issues of governmental entities not stepping aside effectively to allow the private sector to use properly for commercial purposes the results of governmental research and development, see by G.  Robinson, “Getting NASA out of the Business of Space Business,” in Space Governance, Vol.  1, No.  2, December 1994.  See, also, by Robinson “The Future Private Commercialization of Space Resources: Foibles of Applicable Law,” in Annals of Air and Space Law 496-526,, McGill Univ., Vol.  XXVII (2002).

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