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We are enormously grateful to our sponsors, benefactors, patrons and angels! Thanks to their generosity and support, we continue to be able to build this much needed, fully accessible at no-cost, highly vetted collection of world class materials about professional coaching. The Library is wholly sustained through the contributions of benefactors, patrons, angels and the continued support of our sponsors.  Thank you!

To support the operating costs of the Library itself, we are offering the following sponsorship rates to individuals and organizations that want to take advantage of and leverage the visibility of our fabulously search-engine-optimized site. The site got 59,857 page views in the last year! You’ll get lots of exposure targeted to the categories that are most directly linked to your specific area of expertise and interest. [See statistics.]

One of our sponsors reported results from her sponsorship within 24 hours of it going live! She wrote us to share…

“Last night as I was closing up my office I got a phone call from a new coach in Miami. She saw my logo on the Library site, clicked through to my ContentforCoachesandConsultants.com website and called about a writing project for her new website…That was probably the fastest results I’ve ever had from a sponsorship ad! Just thought I’d share that with you. Again, thanks for the opportunity. You created the right place for me at the right time, just as a new client was walking by…”

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this kind of opportunity, please consider becoming a sponsor. Just pick one of the advertising sponsorship options aligned with the 30+ categories of the Library’s content. The breakdown is below, and we’d be happy to customize an alternative solution for you if none of these appeal to you or your organization:

Category Sponsorship Options:

  • Silver – your logo ad on one category of your choice (or your text link in the footer of all pages) for up to 3 months: $75
  • Gold – your logo ad on one category of your choice (or your text link in the footer of all pages) for up to 6 months: $150
  • Platinum – your logo ad on one category of your choice, including all its subcategories (or your text link in the footer of all pages) for up to 1 year: $300
  • Titanium – your logo ad in the footer on every page of the site for up to 1 year: $500
  • Diamond – your logo ad on the home page and also on five additional pages for 1 year: $800
  • Dragonwings – your logo ad on Diamond pages plus up to five categories of your choice, including all its subcategories for up to 1 year:  $2500
  • Dragonwings Premium – Preferred placement of your linked logo ad at the very top of the sponsor sidebar of every page for up to 1 year (maximum visibility). An added benefit of this sponsorship option is that any articles you submit to the library can include a link to your website, which will promote your organization on our social media sites as well as in our email distribution: $5000
  • Angel – you want to support the Library for any amount of your choosing without an ad (thank you!)
  • Authors – you can feature your book in our Bookstore for $95 a year.
  • Custom – Create your own!  Tell us what you want and we will consider a special sponsorship just for you.
  • Patron – Want to support the Library but don’t want to be a sponsor?  Consider joining our Patrons at the 1K Club (click purple button at top of page):  $5 per month.
  • Benefactor – Sustain the library with an ongoing annual contribution of $100.  Consider becoming a Benefactor at the 1K Club (click purple button at top of page).

We are honored that in an independent survey the LPC was named one of the Top 5 Coaching Sites for Research and Resources worldwide by the 9th annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey of leaders and coaches.  The survey is considered the most reliable and method-sound survey in the coaching industry, providing data about trends and issues in executive coaching, and has tracked over 90 websites for several years that offer material for executive coaches.

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Together we can make the Library of Professional Coaching the best online collection of high caliber content about our industry. Thank you for being a Friend of the Library!

Thank you,
Bill Bergquist and Suzi Pomerantz
Founders of the Library of Professional Coaching

Our Wonderful Founding Angels:

The following individuals and organizations donated funds and supported the Library before it was built, for which we are eternally grateful. Their support enabled us to build the current free access version of the Library. Thank you to:

Diane Krause-Stetson
David Martin
Lee Salmon
Stewart Hirsch
Bill Burtch
Andrea Moretti-Adimari
Jan Rybeck
International Coach Federation
Biz Tips for Coaches
Content For Coaches
Karlin Sloan and Company
Internal Impact: Global Certificate in Leadership Coaching
choice, the magazine of professional coaching
Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program
Professional School of Psychology
Leading Coaches’ Center
Unfear: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty
Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business
Thriving Work: 90 days of daily practice for transforming you and your coaching, consulting, or healing business
Coachbook: A Guide to Organizational Coaching Strategies and Practices

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