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TimeOut! To Retreat, Review, & Renew – A Sample Chapter

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The dynamic duo of Phyllis and Jerry Campagna have written a book called TimeOut! To Retreat, Revivew, & Renew: A Practical 3-Step Strategy to Advance Your Life, Relationships, & Business.  A sample chapter is below, and you can click on the book cover in the sidebar to order the book, or the link above.

TimeOut-CampagnaJerry & Phyllis CampagnaThis book, Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew was created, in part, at the request of family, friends, and colleagues who have observed and been curious about our annual timeout: the time we set aside each year from our daily routine to focus on our personal/professional relationships and goals—with each other, and the world to which we are both individually connected.

Our annual timeout has provided the “breather” for us to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, respect and joy—together and in our individual professions. TIMEOUT!  is about the insights and practices we’ve gained and developed along the way. It’s also about defying the odds when it comes to melding families, businesses and strong-willed personalities…like us, and maybe, like you! These techniques have assisted us in creating a richer, happier, and more playful life together and we hope they’ll add richness to your life too.

The TIMEOUT! 3-Step Success Strategy:

Retreat… Slow down the pace; Smile more; Stress less!

Review… Assess goals and challenges; Dream Big; Reflect on possibilities!

Renew… Map out the Journey; Plan for Prosperity; Celebrate your Accomplishments!

TIMEOUT!  has also proven to be a great set of strategies and tools for individuals and organizations to develop and achieve your personal and professional goals with intention.

The AgendaWhat Its About and How to Use It

 “I think in some ways we have allowed other people to set the agenda. Other people to define who we are.  ~Lee Scott

(Note: Phyllis & Jerry use the moniker “PJ” when referring to their relationship)

As with most other structured processes, the agenda will serve as your framework for the duration. Following it is very helpful to staying on target and serves as a running record of what’s on each partner’s mind. PJ talk about and suggest agenda items throughout the year; in fact, sometimes during the year, thorny issues are tabled by making the decision to put them on the agenda and address them during the annual Timeout.  If there are “hot topic” issues that come up during the year that PJ feel can’t wait for the annual Timeout—then they might call a Table Talk right then (see the Tools Section of this book).

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