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Gratitude for the Library Patrons who are the Founding Members of the 1K Club!

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Join the 1K Club! Become a patron of the library!

To celebrate surpassing the 500-article mark, the Library of Professional Coaching last month announced the new Patron program, and we are proud to welcome the following Founding Members of the 1K Club!  We are grateful for your contribution to the Library’s sustainability!

Dr. Patrick Williams*

Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom*

Joseph E. Casey

Anne-Marie Dekker

Margaret A. Cary

Phyllis Campagna

Rodrigo O M Aranha

Melinda Sinclair

Marsha Hughes-Rease

Oksanna Hawrylyshyn

 * Benefactors (Patrons who have selected to support the LPC with a larger annual contribution)

We’d love to add your name to this esteemed list of Founding Members! Details below:


LPC is proud to have reached the milestone of populating this website with over 500 vetted articles related to the profession of coaching.

To celebrate this accomplishment and to accelerate the journey to the 1000 mark, we invite you to support the Library as a monthly sustainer by becoming a Patron and Founding Member of the 1K Club!

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Here’s what you’ll get for your patronage:

Complimentary Copy of Two Books on Professional Coaching Best Practices

Once you have signed up for the 1K Club you will receive the following two books (as a digital pdf file):

  • Coachbook by William Bergquist and Agnes Mura: second edition of a 400-plus page book reviewing four major coaching strategies along with more than thirty coaching tools to be used in implementation of these strategies. A $25 value
  • Seal the Deal by Suzi Pomerantz : A 300-plus page book reviewing the core components of business development for coaches and how to integrate strategic, simultaneous action in the domains of networking, marketing and sales. A $19 value

Complimentary Copy of Curated 2015: The Best of LPC

In honor of passing the 500-document goal, a select panel of coaches has identified the best articles in the library. Some of the articles concern the tools of coaching, while others identify some of the key concepts and strategies associated with professional coaching. Additional articles explore themes that complement the coaching profession–including informative and provocative essays regarding leadership and the complexity of organizational life. Finally, there are several articles that focus on the life and work of specific leaders in the field of professional coaching. We are assembling these articles and producing a digital book that will be available at no cost to members of the 1K Club.

Exclusive Membership in The LPC Writers Circle

Members of the 1K Club are eligible to join the LPC Writers Circle at no additional cost.

Membership in the LPC Writers Circle includes:

  1. Writer’s Call: A monthly one-hour Writers Circle meeting (using video conferencing services provided by LPC). During this meeting a specific book related to professional coaching will be briefly reviewed (so that Writers Circle members can be up-to-date on recent publications and decide whether or not to purchase the book). The author may herself/himself present the summary description or it may be offered by a member of the Circle. In addition, one member of the Circle will be invited to present their preliminary work (providing an outline of their work to the other Circle participants if desired) and invite suggestions from the other Circle participants.
  2. Writer’s Cottage: Opportunity for Circle members to receive first-hand support in preparing an article or book from Dr. William Bergquist, co-curator of the Library. This support can be offered via video conferencing or in-person at the LPC Writer’s Cottage (located on the edge of the ocean in the State of Maine). The LPC Writer’s Cottage contains a wonderful library of over 2,500 books related to the field of professional coaching (donated by patrons of LPC). The LPC Writer’s Cottage provides current and future authors with a unique opportunity to work in a beautiful location directly with Dr. Bergquist and with a substantial and unique physical library (to compliment the digital library available on-line through LPC).
  3. Writer’s Retreat: TBD. By application only. A limited number of spaces will be available to writers who wish to collaborate by traveling to Maine for a writer’s retreat that makes use of the Writer’s Cottage and the extensive LPC library collection housed in the Writer’s Cottage.

Personal Gratification as a Patron of LPC

Perhaps most importantly, you will be contributing in a very tangible way to the continuing growth and development of a digital library that has been identified (in the yearly Sherpa study) as one of the five most important coaching resources in the world.

And, of course, you’ll have bragging rights…you’ll be able to add the titles Patron of the Library of Professional Coaching and Founding Member of the 1K Club to your professional bio, your email signature matter, your social media profiles, etc., to demonstrate your commitment to excellence in our profession.

All this for only $5 per month! For your convenience, just enter your information on our secure page below and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you will be making a lasting contribution to the coaching industry and demonstrating your commitment to excellence in our profession.

Your credit card will be charged monthly. Your financial support helps ensure that you can keep the resource that is the LPC available and growing. We thank you for your support!

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