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Who doesn’t love free books? Due to the generous donations of these authors, you are able to download several entire books at no cost for the digital, PDF versions.  If you are someone who prefers a physical book and doesn’t want to spend the time and ink and pages to print these out yourself, just look for the links on each free book page for where you can purchase an actual book to be shipped to you.  However, you do it, enjoy!  Watch this space as we will add more books over time.  You may wish to bookmark this page to return to for more free books.

New Johari Window

Why are some people interpersonally smart? Why do other people seem to be interpersonally challenged, if not downright stupid?  Even more fundamentally, why are each of us sometimes geniuses and sometimes idiots in our interactions with people about whom we care deeply? Acknowledged as among the most insightful and useful models of human interaction, the Johari Window continues to be in high demand — yet nothing has been done to update the Johari Window since it was initially formulated more than 50 years ago. The New Johari Window provides the first new, expanded version of the Johari Window, fresh insights and useful concepts regarding human interaction, making use of now-classic concepts to be found in works written by a wide-ranging group of psychologists, psychiatrists and social analysts and incorporating recent findings from the fields of social-cognitive psychology, social-neurobiology and behavioral economics.

Seal the Deal

How do successful coaches and consultants make money and make a difference? You have to be good at networking, marketing and sales. That’s why Seal the Deal belongs on any new or experienced professional’s desk. It will help you avoid pitfalls made in all three of these key areas and increase your effectiveness. In this unique book, you’ll follow the conversations of author and master coach Suzi Pomerantz and several of her coaching colleagues. Get on the proven path to sealing more deals and succeeding in your business. Each chapter is a step in the author’s 10-step proven process for developing new business: · Demystifying selling and distinguishing networking, marketing and sales · The sales process, targeting prospects and branding · Calling prospects and setting up the first meeting · Handling gatekeepers and objections · The client meeting as a chess match · Following-up and tracking · Proposals, pricing and contracting · Networking · Lessons-learned meetings and expanding the sale while serving the client · Building business and the art of referrals Also included are worksheets, templates, samples and tip sheets; the tools anyone who sells services or ideas inside or outside the organization needs to build a successful business through clients and referrals. The book was an Amazon bestseller in 2007.


Love Lingers Here: Stories of Enduring Intimate Relationships


What is the nature of enduring love–and how do we find this type of love? Some valuable lessons are to be found in Love Lingers Here: Stories of Enduring Intimate Relationships. As the subtitle of the book implies, Love Lingers Here concerns enduring intimate relationships that exist in our mid-21st Century world.

Most books about couples are written by those doing couples therapy and are based on the assumption that successful couples are doing whatever the couples in therapy are not doing (called “pathological extension”). Love Lingers Here is based instead on interviews with more than 70 couples who have been together for many years (averaging 20 plus years together). Through thick and thin, these couples (both straight and gay) have remained loyal to one another and have found ways in which to adjust to changing conditions in their own lives and the world in which they reside.

Making use of a model of developmental stages, the author, William Bergquist, has described how his couples have found ways to remain in love over time. Dr. Bergquist introduces new concepts regarding relationship-based covenants, remarriages within a relationship, and marker events (differences that make a difference). Making use of a metaphor regarding the “tectonic plates” that move below the earth’s crust, Bergquist offers inspiring narratives regarding how specific “plates” in the lives of couples are engaged at each of their developmental stages. These plates relate to such critical issues as the couple’s finances, establishing a home, and raising children or initiating a shared project. Both troubling earthquakes and majestic mountains are created by enduring intimate couples when confronting these issues—much as earthquakes and mountains are created by earth-bound tectonic plates.

Finally, attention is given to very long-term relationships (from throughout the world) as well as the long-term relationship of some celebrity couples.  A summary of the findings from this twenty-year study is provided for the benefit of those who wish themselves to establish and maintain enduring, intimate relationships—and find love that lingers with one another!

Awakening Spring in Autumn

In this book, three psychologists (from different cultures) bring together an analysis of the Autumnal years based on different perspectives from the deep, introspective work (at many levels) in which all three are involved. They weave together mythic tales, classic poems and legendary stories from Western and Asian cultures to further illuminate and expand their exploration. Through this book, the authors seek to affirm the appropriateness of hopes and fears felt by those currently living in Autumn, as well as inspire those who are about to enter Autumn, and honor those who have been generative during these Autumnal years (and can now reflect back on these years with new insights). This is a book for everyone, be it a reader who is in autumn, summer, or winter. Be it for personal reading or for professional understanding, this book will be one to have in your hands.

With the graying of populations throughout the world, a book that provides intergeneration and cross-cultural perspectives on these years of Autumn would be welcomed—especially if these perspectives are being offered by both women and men. We are pleased to be able to offer this book with rich narratives and multiple insights, building on three historic narratives from three of the most influential regions on our world: Europe, Southeast Asia and India. Our book not only identified the challenges associated with the senior years of life, it also offers opportunities, actions to be taken and life-enriching changes to be made—hence the title “Awakening Spring in Autumn.” As the authors of this book, we come with a diversity not only of perspectives, but also of professional experiences. Our work ranges from that of personal psychotherapy to international corporate consulting and coaching. We also enter this writing enterprise with rich, inter-disciplinary expertise in such areas as literature, philosophy, and the arts. This expertise is evident in the many images we present and narratives we explore.

The analyses offered in Awakening Spring in Autumn span the many decades of senior adulthood. This is an important feature of our book, given that we now know that there are multiple stages of life even after 45. This has become increasingly apparent as men and women live longer lives. Instead of focusing on a specific decade of life or perpetuating the myths of a “mid-life crisis” and existential preparation for death after the mid-century, we focus on the diversity of life experiences during middle adulthood (45 to 65 years old)–biological, psychological and interpersonal. We know that everyone matures in their own unique way; yet all men and women around the world confront many of the same opportunities and challenges.

AND THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU–as someone who has come to the Library of Professional Coaching. This is an added benefit of which you might wish to avail yourself. You can do so by clicking on the “Download” button located immediately below this commentary. We wish you insightful and useful reading . . .


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