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Welcome to the LPC Bookstore. As is the custom when entering most traditional bookstores, we have displayed “upfront” several of the recent books related to the field of professional coaching. Since this is a digital book store, we invite you to click on the link and view a sample chapter from this book. If you wish to purchase the book then you need only click on the image of the book cover (or follow instrutions provided along with the sample chapter). The link takes you right to the site where the book can be purchased.

As in other bookstores, you can also go to a specific location in the bookstore where books are featured regarding a specific coach-related topic. You can click on links once again and brows a sample chapter from the book in which you are interested. Once again, If you wish to purchase this book, simply click on the picture.

We hope you find our LPC bookstore to be of value and invite you frequently to journey digitally to this unique bookstore.

The LPC Curators


Recent Books

Here are several books that are “hot off the press” and provide us with valuable perspectives on the field and interdisciline of professional coaching and offer suggestions regarding how best to engage in professional coaching practices.

Love Lingers Here: Stories of Enduring Intimate Relationships

Author: William Bergquist

Making use of a model of developmental stages, the author, William Bergquist, has described how his couples have found ways to remain in love over time. Dr. Bergquist introduces new concepts regarding relationship-based covenants, remarriages within a relationship, and marker events (differences that make a difference). Making use of a metaphor regarding the “tectonic plates” that move below the earth’s crust, Bergquist offers inspiring narratives regarding how specific “plates” in the lives of couples are engaged at each of their developmental stages. These plates relate to such critical issues as the couple’s finances, establishing a home, and raising children or initiating a shared project. Both troubling earthquakes and majestic mountains are created by enduring intimate couples when confronting these issues—much as earthquakes and mountains are created by earth-bound tectonic plates.


Conflict Management Coaching: The Cinergy Model

Author: Cinnie Noble

Conflict management coaching, also known as conflict coaching, is a one-on-one process in which a trained coach helps individuals gain increased competence and confidence to manage and engage in their interpersonal conflicts and disputes. It is a goal-oriented and future-focused process chat concentrates on assisting clients to reach their specific conflict management objectives.





Awakening Spring in Autumn

Authors: Eliza Yong, Jayan Warrier and William Bergquist

In this book, the authors bring together an analysis of the Autumnal years based on different perspectives from the deep, introspective work (at many levels) in which all three are involved. They weave together mythic tales, classic poems and legendary stories from Western and Asian cultures to further illuminate and expand their exploration. Through this book, the authors seek to affirm the appropriateness of hopes and fears felt by those currently living in Autumn, as well as inspire those who are about to enter Autumn, and honor those who have been generative during these Autumnal years (and can now reflect back on these years with new insights).


Sourcebook of Coaching History

Author: Vikki Brock

Thanks to the generosity of the author, Dr. Brock’s comprehensive and well-researched compendium regarding the history of the profession of coaching can be downloaded at no cost to you.  This is undoubtedly the definitive account of professional coaching during its early years.





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