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Welcome to the LPC Bookstore. As is the custom when entering most traditional bookstores, we have displayed “upfront” several of the recent books related to the field of professional coaching. Since this is a digital bookstore, we invite you to click on the link and view a sample chapter from this book. If you wish to purchase the book, then you need only click on the book title. The link takes you right to the site where the book can be purchased.

As in other bookstores, you can also go to a specific location in the bookstore where books are featured regarding a specific coach-related topic. You can click on links once again and brows a sample chapter from the book in which you are interested. Once again, Ii you wish to purchase this book, simply click on the book title.

We hope you find our LPC bookstore to be of value and invite you frequently to journey digitally to this unique bookstore.

The LPC Curators

Recent Books

Here are several books that are “hot off the press.” They provide us with valuable perspectives on the interdisciplinary fields of professional coaching leadership and offer suggestions regarding how best to engage in professional coaching and leadership development practices.

The Crises of Expertise and Belief

Authors: Kevin Weitz, Psy.D. and William Bergquist, Ph.D.

Leaders and experts are in crisis–as are coaches, consultants, mentors and educators who work to support leaders at all levels. They confront an abundance of challenges that are particularly difficult for leaders who know it all, have narcissistic tendencies or are rigid and resistant to all new ideas. According to Kevin Weitz and William Bergquist, the authors of this book, multiplying this problem are segments of society that are not only utterly fooled and manipulated by these leaders and experts, but also believe their every deceitful utterance. A seemingly counter intuitive psychological driver makes it difficult and nearly impossible to convince these segments of society to believe expert scientists and credible leaders. Many of these people simply don’t want to believe. Their personality types and in-group connectedness drive them to believe “crazy stuff”.

There is a strong tendency for people to believe bazaar conspiracy theories, lies and disinformation propagated by manipulative leaders and pseudo experts. This tendency is magnified by the pervasive presence in our mid-21st Century world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, turbulence and contradiction (which we label VUCA-Plus in this book). The way people view and interact with leaders and experts is complex and diverse. Some of us are skeptical and distrustful, particularly of political leaders and scientific experts. Others believe every word uttered despite indisputable facts to the contrary. This book explores the psychology behind these differences.

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The Authors

Kevin Weitz

Kevin Weitz Psy.D. is an organizational psychologist, leadership coach and business consultant specializing in culture change and organizational transformations. Kevin’s coaching focus is helping leaders navigate change specifically where new leadership behaviors are needed to be successful. He has consulted with companies such as Chevron Corp, Intel Corp, Levi Strauss, Pacific Gas & Electric and British Colombia Hydro amongst others. Kevin is the author of an eBook entitled “The House of Culture” available on Amazon.



William Bergquist

William Bergquist, Ph.D. is an internationally known coach, consultant, trainer and educator. He is also a widely published author, researcher, and scholar. As an author of more than 50 books and 150 articles, Bill writes about profound personal, group, organizational and societal transitions and transformations.  Bill has served as consultant, coach and/or trainer to leaders in more than 1,000 organizations over the past 50 years and has co-founded the Library of Professional Coaching and founded the Library of Professional Psychology.


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The Ark of Leadership: An Integrative Perspective

Authors: William Bergquist, Jeannine Sandstrom and Agnes Mura

Leadership is like the elephant in the noted fable about the blind men seeking to describe the elephant that they are touching. In this case, the elephant is the elusive phenomenon called “Leadership.” This phenomenon can be viewed from many different perspectives. Some “blind men” (leadership theorists) declared that leadership is a matter of style or personality traits, while other declare that effective leadership is dependent on the setting in which it is being engaged. Others indicate that effective leadership is based on a set of specific competencies or behavior patterns. These blind men are all correct—but they are only viewing (touching) part of the elephant.

The Ark of Leadership is uniquely about the entire elephant and introduces multiple perspectives of this elusive phenomenon called “Leadership.”If one wants to get the whole picture regarding the many different approaches to Leadership, then there are two choices. One can purchase and read Bernard Bass’s massive Handbook of Leadership—or purchase and read our book which is much shorter and synthesizes and integrates these different approaches to leadership.

Leadership is a complex phenomenon. It is not just complicated (with many parts) but also complex (with all of the parts interacting with one another). Our book is the first to provide a portrait of leadership in which the interweaving of the many parts is conveyed, and the implications of this interweaving are traced. The Ark of Leadership provides the foundation for any leadership development initiative, given that we have portrayed leadership from multiple perspectives, traced out the implications of each perspective, and offered guidance regarding how to foster and development leadership in many different settings.

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The Authors

Making use of more than 120 combined years of coaching, consulting and leadership development in more than 1,000 organizations throughout the world, Bergquist, Sandstrom and Mura provide a comprehensive portrait of leadership as it is engaged in many different countries and in a wide range of organizations and communities.

William Bergquist
An international coach and consultant, professor in the fields of psychology, management and public administration, author of more than 50 books, and president of a global institution (PSP) that provides training, conducts research, and publishes books at the cutting edge of professional psychology. Dr. Bergquist consults on and writes about personal, group, organizational and societal transitions and transformations. In recent years, Bergquist has focused on the processes of organizational coaching and the field of health psychology. He is coauthor with Agnes Mura of coachbook and consultbook, co-founder of the Library of Professional Coaching and founder of the Library of Professional Psychology.

Jeannine Sandstrom
With a doctorate in Human Resource Development, Jeannine Sandstrom launched a career dedicated to practical and research-based developmental leadership approaches. She led three national management development consultancies prior to founding Coachworks, a firm that focuses on strategic leadership, leader-team development and the education of professional coaching and consultant. Her articles have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine. A Master Certified Coach, teacher and mentor to generations of professional coaches, Dr. Sandstrom has been generously and generatively active on numerous national professional and industry organization.

Agnes Mura
A pioneering practitioner in leadership development at a global level for over 20 years, Agnes Mura serves as a Master Certified Coach. She has coached, facilitated and consulted on organizational behavior in six languages, in the US, Europe and Latina America, while helping build professional coaching associations that have shaped the profession. Agnes’ leadership was forged in her escape from Romania, an academic career in Germany, diplomacy work for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and a senior career in international banking. She served from 2013 to 2020 as an Independent Director of a global publicly traded company. With Dr. Bergquist, she has co-authored multiple books and articles.

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