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The Future of Coaching: Status, Direction, Strategies and Tools

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William Bergquist and William Carrier

The Future of Coaching is concerned with the very heart and soul of professional coaching—it addresses the challenge of coaching’s future status, direction and long-term goals. It also offers the strategies and tools needed for this challenging future. Much as individual professional coaches assist their clients in focusing on their own individual future and the future of organizations with which they are affiliated and often lead, so it is important that the field of coaching itself address this fundamental coaching question: what will the future be for this human service field?


Issue Thirty Two: The Neurosciences and Coaching: II

We return once again in this thirty second issue of The Future of Coaching to findings from the neurosciences as they relate to professional coaching. Neurobiological studies of memory, emotions, stress, interpersonal relationships, neuroplasticity and many other aspects of human life are broadening and deepening our perspectives on the professional coaching enterprise—while pointing the way to new coaching strategies and tool. Some of the essays includes in this issue of The Future of Coaching were published in the Library of Professional Coaching (LPC) when the neurosciences were just beginning to emerge as revolutionary subdisciplines of biology (often overlapping with subdisciplines in the field of psychology). Other essays have appeared more recently and focus on specific issues that hold major implications for professional coaching.


Issue Thirty One: The Crisis of Expertise III–What You Believe and Disbelieve May Kill You

This issue of The Future of Coaching has to do with why some people (in fact many people) more generally reject the best expert information available and science-based guidance from leaders. These essay concern the people who believe (sometimes vociferously) outlandish and often bazaar conspiracy theories and misinformation that have the potential to put people in danger and (in numerous cases) cause loss of life. As the third and final issue in The Future of Coaching that is concerned with the crisis of expertise, attention is also directed toward structures, processes, cultures and attitudes that enhance (rather than block) the generation and use of valid and appropriate expertise.


Issue Thirty: Leadership and Stewardship: Nurturing the Field of Executive Coaching

This issue of the Future of Coaching brings together two important themes: (1) stewardship and (2) leadership development. They are brought together within the context of nurturing the field of executive coaching. Furthermore, the essays contained in this issue build on outcomes from a summit conference on executive coaching that was held in April of 2022. Called the New Executive Coaching Summit (NECS), this 2 ½ day meeting incorporated not only a two day in-person meeting that was held at a Bed and Breakfast Inn in Harpswell Maine, but also a one-half day virtual meeting that brought together the 22 participants in the in-person meeting with 20 other senior executive coaches from North America and Europe.

Issue Twenty Nine: The Coaching Tool Chest–A Further Update

When we founded the Future of Coaching, we intended to include one or more tools in each issue (or at least most issues). While we kept with this practice for several years, we have decided more recently to devote entire issues of the Future of Coaching to the presentation and description of professional coaching tools. We use the term “Tool Chest” when titling these issues. The digital chest in this issue of Future of Coaching contains a wide variety of “tools.” There are several inventories that can be administered with a single client, with a team, or with an entire organization. There lists of questions that can be posed to our coaching clients, and there are descriptions of entire coaching processes.

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  1. Peer Resources

    November 13, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Great idea and wonderful content. Did I miss the schedule of how often this new magazine will be published?


  2. William Bergquist

    November 13, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    We are delighted that you approve of this new digital magazine and expect to have a new issue published four times per year.


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