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The Future of Coaching: Status, Direction, Strategies and Tools

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William Bergquist and William Carrier

The Future of Coaching  is concerned with the very heart and soul of professional coaching—it addresses the challenge of coaching’s future status, direction and long-term goals. It also offers the strategies and tools needed for this challenging future. Much as individual professional coaches assist their clients in focusing on their own individual future and the future of organizations with which they are affiliated and often lead, so it is important that the field of coaching itself address this fundamental coaching question: what will the future be for this human service field?

Issue Twenty: Professional Coaching as an Interdisciplinary Art and Science

In this 20th Anniversary issue, we are examining the nature of both art and science in the field of professional coaching. We are looking at ways in which the interdisciplinary nature of coaching is recognized and incorporated in contemporary coaching practices. We also provide concepts and tools that enhance the interdisciplinarity of coaching. Given that this is a moment of celebration and reflection for the two of us, you will find several articles written by one or both of us in this issue. You will also find us incorporating essays that are relevant to the theme of this issue that have previously been published in the Library of Professional Coaching.

Issue Nineteen: Coaching to Contradictions

William Bergquist has written many books over the past forty-five years—one of the most noteworthy being The Postmodern Organization (1993) (which has been identified by some observers as one of the founding publications in the emerging field of postmodern organizational theory). Bergquist has recently decided to move beyond postmodern theory as it applies to organizational interventions and organizational coaching and consulting. He has engaged the perspectives of a noted philosopher, Richard Rorty, and his focus on irony and contradiction in contemporary life.

Issue Eighteen: The Coaching Tool Chest Updated

In this issue, we’ve updated our tool chest with a number of interesting and useful coaching tools for your review. We have sorted these coaching tools into four categories: (1) brief essays on coaching strategies, (2) brief essays on coaching concepts, (3) coaching questions, (4) listing of coaching resources and (5) coaching-oriented assessment instruments.

Issue Seventeen: Health-Based Coaching and Wellness

During this fifth year (2018) in publishing The Future of Coaching we made the unprecedented decision to devote three of the four issues to coaching in one sector of society: health care. The first two issues focused on the coaching of healthcare professionals (especially physicians). In this fourth issue, we look at health-related coaching from a different perspective—that of those who are the recipient of information and treatment in the domain of health.

Issue Sixteen: Professional Coaching and Assessment: A Powerful Alliance

In this issue, we will explore the Future of Coaching through the lens of assessment. As coaching matures, our focus on data, particularly that which can be replicated and measured, expands. We’ll hear from experienced Executive Coaches who use assessment in their practices.

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  1. Peer Resources

    November 13, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Great idea and wonderful content. Did I miss the schedule of how often this new magazine will be published?


  2. William Bergquist

    November 13, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    We are delighted that you approve of this new digital magazine and expect to have a new issue published four times per year.


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