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According to a widely recognized study conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian at UCLA; when we attempt to communicate our feelings or subjects of an emotional nature, 7% of our message is communicated through our words, 38% with our vocal tones and 55% via our body language.

No wonder we often ignore those long verbose emails pitching us on the newest and greatest product or service –because only 7% of the message hits home with the words (as there’s no voice or images to reference).  And what about those unsolicited phone calls we often get that put a frown on our face in less than 10 seconds–blame it on the 93% of the message being carried by the tone of voice (as we can’t “see” someone on the phone).

Another study conducted by Dr. Anne Fernald at Stanford established that parents around the globe utilize a common tonal frequency when communicating approval or disapproval with infants.  The “GooOood Baby” message embodies an up and down vocal wave pattern, while the “BAD Baby” warning mimics a short, sharp staccato vocal tone.

I believe that the significance of those two tones doesn’t fade away as we grow up.  We certainly expand our vocabulary as we mature, yet, no amount of “that’s not what I said” is likely to calm things down or perk things up until we “sing” the right note when communicating our intention with others.

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