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A Sample Chapter from TimeOut! To Retreat, Review, & Renew

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Notes from the previous Timeout: For your first annual Timeout, you obviously won’t have notes from the previous year, so PJ suggest you start with the JADE List (JADE is an acronym for Joys, Accomplishments, Delights, and Entertainment.

On your second annual Timeout, you can then begin by reading the previous year’s notes. For PJ, this ritual reading is a never-ending surprise. They’re often amazed and occasionally chagrined at how much they did, or sometimes did not, get done. Timeout has been, and continues to be, a work-in-progress; sometimes goals are accomplished as planned, and sometimes they aren’t. The reality of those results is often enough by itself to set the tone for digging deeper and creating richer experiences to review for the following year.


GeBA_Sticker-Winner-GOLDAbout the authors:

Phyllis Campagna, ChBC™, CBC, CEC is a pioneer in the emerging profession of business coaching, having coached businesses and individuals for over twenty years.

Jerry Campagna is the president of The MOST & MST Latino, Inc., a change management, capacity building, and Latino marketing/management consulting firm.

Phyllis and Jerry (“PJ”) melded their lives and businesses together in 1996 and have journeyed forth from their annual timeouts with renewed focus, joy and commitment ever since.

Timeout! To Retreat, Review, & Renew won the 2012 Global Ebook Gold Award.

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