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To Coach Is to Sell

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The connection between coaching and selling

Good coaches require the following traits that are likewise useful in the task of being able to sell well.

A willingness and passion to help

In selling, the goal is to help people find solutions. As a coach, you have to go beyond offering your clients a suite of services. Instead, you show them proof of what coaching can do for them.

Helping does not necessarily mean that you will be doing all the hard work required to facilitate change. As a coach, you are there to offer guidance to your clients as they make their decisions and plans on their own.

A keen understanding of people

Coaches are interested in understanding people and what makes them tick — a key trait when selling. In coaching, you have to first establish a connection in order to better understand your clients and tailor solutions that work for their individual needs and circumstances.

Ability to communicate & connect

Contrary to what some people may believe, selling is not about talking. In fact, most of the time, you need to listen to your audience and ask the pertinent questions.

The same rings true in coaching. You need to identify the problems your clients are facing, and in order to do that, you have to shine a spotlight away from you and toward your coachees by asking the right set of questions.

In turn, this helps you establish long-term relationships anchored on trust. If you show genuine interest and a keen understanding of the problem at hand, you build your credibility.

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