Thinking Whole: The How To

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I ask that we be pretty rigorous about what makes the cut and what doesn’t. That means challenging yourself before making a statement. Challenging yourself to say it so you do full credit to the idea. And challenging one another to get only the best, strongest, most dynamic, and cleanest ideas up on the board. Shall we?

Create this on the flipchart:

Using the form above, remind everyone they were asked to come with a list of the three most important things to be considered.

  1. If there is only one group, proceed directly to the form.
  2. If there are multiple tables in the room, give the assembly 15 minutes to make a collective list of 3 items from each table. THREE. No more. No less.
  3. Have each table prepare its list Invite participation

But… Before you actually write the first suggested fact on the flipchart, ask the assembly whether they agree that the idea in question (in its current form at the moment) has enough merit and/or is clear enough to take a spot on the Significant Seven.

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