The Rhythms of Our Days

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Some days are rushed, even more than others. Some days it feels like you have a bit more time to do what needs doing. Still other days, it feels as if you can barely breathe, only finding slivers of time.

This is about noticing the patterns or rhythms to our days. With that knowledge, we can figure out how to smooth out the rhythm a bit AND to let go of a too-high standard we set for ourselves sometimes.

Think about:

>Your typical Saturday: the activities, who is involved, the amount of time you have on your own, the time you work, the time you spend out of the house, your own energy level, how tie passing felt, what filled the time as planned, and what filled time unexpectedly.

>Now consider a typical Sunday.

What’s the Rhythm of YOUR Days?

>Or focus on the weekdays, each one of last week. Quite a different pace to it all, when you sit back and notice.

The days are really not alike when you look at them closely are they? Some days, it’s about running and keeping up. For now, it has to be. So don’t even try to add in something you want to do. Just do what has to get done. Other days, you have a slightly slower pace (it’s relative, right?). There’s more time to “fit in” something – whether it’s picking up the kitchen, several clients or prospective clients needing time, or starting on reorganizing your office or your quilting space.

It all fits in nicely, with some breathing space, and you’re less harried. It fits that particular day.

The point is this:

When you look at your day, if you know it’s a “running around and keeping up” day, let go of doing anything extra, proactive, big, or that needs a good chunk of time (> 15 minutes these days).

Let it go. Today’s not that day. But write down your thoughts and ideas so they’re not lost. On another day, when you have that slightly slower pace, you can get these things done. And please – not all of them – add in one and see how that goes. What many of us do is pile high the tasks and expectations and end up frustrated. One thing at a time.

Notice the rhythm first. Play with it. And soon enough, you may see ways you can change the rhythms of your days, creating that masterpiece of balance. If not, please reach out and let’s talk about time management together.

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