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Curated 2016: An Alliance

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In building the first associate for coaching publishers, we wanted to begin with something tangible – a real contribution to the field of professional coaching. We decided to hitch a ride on a publication initiative already begun by the Library of Professional Coaching (LPC). In 2015, LPC published a collection of articles that had been placed in the library during the past six years. These articles had been identified by members of the LPC Advisory Board and by the two curators of LPC as among the best published in the library. Called Curated 2015, this digital publication was sent to all benefactors of the library.

Now, in 2016, a new compilation is being prepared – but this time making use of the substantial archives of not just the Library of Professional Coaching, but also choice and the Peer Bulletin. In the case of the LPC articles, three criteria were used: (1) among the most frequently accessed in the library, (2) appeared in one of the three digital magazines published by LPC (Transformations, Future of Coaching and Sage) and identified by the editors of each magazine as one of the four best to appear in their publication, or 3) identified by the curators of LPC as one of the six best to be placed in the library.

None of the articles appearing in Curated 2015 were selected for the new compilation, which we’re creatively calling Curated 2016. The selection of articles from both choice and the Peer Bulletin were made by the editor of each publication. Articles were chosen not only because of their quality and insightful contribution to the field of professional coaching, but also because they represent the diversified perspective for which each of these publications is noted.

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