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Coaching for the 21st Century

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By Allen Moore and Jan Rybeck

Executive summary

As the speed, uncertainty, and complexity of global markets intensify, leaders must learn to navigate this fast-moving landscape—by keeping their businesses on track amid adaptive change. In such challenging and opportune times, experienced coaches are of tremendous support to these executives; however, coaches also must adapt in parallel with business evolution, expanding their tool kits to include real-time, technology-enabled coaching to global locations, as well as expanding methodologies to address not only individuals but also systems and teams. Just as leaders must develop the agility to confront uncertain times by engaging the workforce through vision, understanding, and clarity, coaches also must be agile. They must cultivate their own capacity to embrace uncertainty, move forward through complexity, and position their clients for discoveries, smart implementation, and ongoing development.

What will it take to achieve all of this? To answer the question, we surveyed more than 200 coaches from around the globe who are part of Korn Ferry’s coaching network—professionals who listen to, guide, and counsel thousands of senior leaders. The coaches surveyed generally have more than 10 years’ experience (64%), and many have more than 20 years’ experience (19%). All of them are certified, 28% of them with certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The majority of respondents practice in North America (66%), with many from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (19%), the Asia Pacific region (12%), and a few in Latin America (3%). The coaches responded to questions about the challenges leaders face most frequently, which coaching interventions they use most often with clients, and what competencies they see as most essential for leading companies through complex and uncertain business conditions.

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