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The Book Shelf: Books in the LPC Writer’s Cottage

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While The Future of Coaching will usually feature a specific book in the Book Shelf, we provide in this issue (and some that follow) an Excel Spreadsheet listing many books rather than one book. The list in this issue identifies some of the books to be found in the LPC Writer’s Cottage. Generously donated by Vikki Brock, author of Sourcebook of Coaching History, these books represent a broad range of topics and approaches in the field of professional coaching (and related fields such as leadership and organizational consultation). As a portion of the 2,500 collection housed in the Writer’s Cottage, Dr. Brock’s books focus on personal and life coaching, as well as coaching in organizational settings. This list also contains books that survey the field of professional coaching, offer a history of coaching, or provide a compilation of articles and research studies on the practice of professional coaching.

This Excel spreadsheet can be used in several ways. First, the user might search for books on specific topics. You can reorganize or search the list by publication year or author. Second, this list opens a door to the Writer’s Cottage, exemplifying the breadth and depth of the Cottage’s professional coaching collection—and this list represents less than 25% of the total collection! We encourage you, as a user of The Library of Professional Coaching, to consider joining the 1K Club, so that you might have access to this remarkable assemblage of books.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, this list is meant to inspire readers of The Future of Coaching. Whether as a member of our 1K Club or as someone who simply wants to examine and write about specific aspects of professional coaching, we hope that you find in your review of this list the encouragement needed to address one or more of the many and highly diverse issues that confront us in the field of professional coaching.

With this list as a source of motivation, we also hope that you will consider publishing your written work in the Library of Professional Coaching – and even more specifically in a future issue of The Future of Coaching. After all, the future of coaching depends on the ongoing dialogue and accumulating wisdom in the field of professional coaching that is so impressively represented in this list of books donated by Vikki Brock to our Writers Cottage—and in the ongoing contributions by someone like yourself.

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