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Issue Three: Coaching for Behavioral Change by Marshall Goldsmith

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The third issue of Marshall Goldsmith on Leadership & Coaching delves into Marshall’s process for coaching leaders to change their behaviors for performance improvement. The Coaching for Behavioral Change process has been used around the world with great success by internal and external coaches. Follow the steps in this series and leaders will almost always achieve positive behavioral change.

The Coaching for Behavioral Change process is unique in that the coach only gets paid when clients achieve positive change in key leadership behaviors! Learn more about how this works and why.
by Marshall Goldsmith

I believe that many leadership coaches are paid for the wrong reasons. Their income is largely a function of “How much do my clients like me?” and “How much time did I spend in coaching?” Neither of these is a good metric for achieving a positive, long-term change in behavior.

In terms of liking the coach—I have never seen a study that showed that clients’ love of a coach was highly correlated with their change in behavior. In fact, if coaches become too concerned with being loved by their clients – they may not provide honest feedback when it is needed.

In terms of spending clients’ time – my personal coaching clients are all executives whose decisions impact billions of dollars – their time is more valuable than mine. I try to spend as little of their time as necessary to achieve the desired results. The last thing they need is for me to waste their time!

In this issue of Marshall Goldsmith on Leadership & Coaching you can see videos and read my thoughts on each of the topics below which all contribute to Coaching for Behavioral Change.

  1. Learning from a Great Leader
  2. Feedforward
  3. When Coaching Doesn’t Work
  4. Steps in the Coaching Process
  5. Changing Perceptions
  6. Team Building without Time Wasting
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