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Calling all coaches! You are invited to V-NECS:  The Virtual portion of the NEW Executive Coaching Summit! Connect with a diverse group of brilliant professionals for generative, evidence-based dialogue to create tangible, transformational future actions to lead the next 25 years of Executive Coaching.

Join us: Friday April 29, 2022 (9am to 12 noon: Eastern USA and Canadian time) for an engaging, international Zoom-based meeting on cutting-edge executive coaching perspectives and practices.

V-NECS is a dynamic, highly interactive half-day session that focuses on major issues in the field of executive coaching. This virtual dialogue will be on the last day of the NEW Executive Coaching Summit; a three-day, invitation-only convening in Maine of 25 thought-leaders and experienced executive coaches and teachers from highly diverse backgrounds.

Summit participants will share the outcomes of their exploration of the future of coaching and zoom discussions will build on insights from the summit on many topics including the relationship between leadership development and executive coaching, the impact of major organizational changes on executive coaching, and implications of recent neurobiological findings for the practice of professional coaching.

Cost to attend:  $110 USD

How to find out more and register:  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT V-NECS & TO REGISTER!


What is Different About This Event?

  • A diverse group of participants from throughout the world. Some you may know well. Others might be new to you. All will bring new ideas, rich experience, and diversity of perspective.
  • You are not being lectured to or talked at by “experts.” We are all experts. This event is about collaborative and constructive dialogue.
  • An evidence-based platform for dialogue, building on a series of three studies being conducted under the guidance of the Institute for Research on Professional Coaching as well as findings from the Executive Coaching Summit.
  • Multiple venues for authorship related to publication of conference outcomes: (1) choice, the magazine of professional coaching, (2) the Library of Professional Coaching, (3) The Future of Coaching and (4) Curated 2022.

Co-Sponsored by:

Library of Professional Coaching

choice, the magazine of professional coaching

Assisting alliance: Institute for Research on Professional Coaching

Administering organization: Professional School of Psychology


We look forward to seeing you at this virtual conference.

Bill Bergquist, Suzi Pomerantz, Garry Schleifer

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