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LPC Announces Award Honoring Lee Salmon

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Gordon Lee Salmon Sustainable Leadership AwardWhereas… Gordon Lee Salmon was a vital contributor to the evolution of the executive coaching profession, and

Whereas… Gordon Lee Salmon exemplified the qualities of a compassionate leader in all of his professional works, and

Whereas… Gordon Lee Salmon passionately recognized that the energy, devotion and talents of executive coaches will contribute to a sustainable world for our children’s children’s children, and

Whereas… Gordon Lee Salmon willingly offered his mind, body and spirit to fulfill the needs of others, and

Whereas… The Library of Professional Coaching wishes to recognize Gordon Lee Salmon’s dedication to the field of executive coaching and to a sustainable world with a meaningful, long-lasting tribute;

Be it therefore resolved that The Gordon Lee Salmon Sustainable Leadership Award is hereby established and presented to

Mary Ann Gasaway, Gordon Lee Salmon’s beloved wife.

PROCLAIMED this 20th day of September, 2014.


Honoring Gordon Lee Salmon

Lee SalmonThe Gordon Lee Salmon Sustainable Leadership Award celebrates and honors the enormous contributions made by our dear friend and colleague, Lee Salmon, during his life and work, wherein he exemplified exceptional leadership in his stewardship of the executive coaching profession as well as his personal commitment to sustainability and the development of leaders who truly leave a legacy. Lee made a difference and left the world a better place for all he touched.

Lee’s legacy is the profound difference he made as a leader in the Federal Government as well as his leadership in the profession of executive coaching. He had more than 35 years’ experience in the public, non-profit, and private sectors as a former executive, manager, and scientist. Lee retired from his roles in three federal government agencies after 22 years of service and began his career as a certified executive coach in 2010. During his last 10 years in the Federal Government, he was the manager for Leadership Development and Executive Coaching in the Federal Consulting Group, a fee-for-service consultancy within the National Business Center in the Department of Interior where he managed a national network of over 100 executive coaches. He was passionately committed to excellence in public service as well as sustainability, leadership, and executive coaching.

A black belt in Aikido, he applied that presence, focus, and knowledge while coaching executives and leaders, imparting his wisdom and experience in creating better working relationships for themselves and within their organizations.

In addition, Lee served on the board of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations, and was a valued contributor and collaborative partner to the Library of Professional Coaching.

His passion for the profession and industry of executive coaching, and his passion for leadership were matched by his enormous care for environmental and sustainability issues, and surpassed only by his deep love for his family. Lee made a huge difference in the coaching world, yet was also a quiet adventurer; he could often be found traveling the world, sailing, camping, scuba diving, and RVing with Mary Ann and various grandkids.

His gentle soul, unassuming yet focused presence, loving wisdom, commitment to stewardship, and his mischievous sense of humor exemplify the best of what leadership can be. Thus, we created an award to honor Lee and his unwavering commitment and passion to profoundly impacting and transforming leadership through coaching. Through this award, we keep Lee’s memory alive and honor those individuals who, like Lee, exemplify the best of what leadership can be.

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The Gathering

On a gorgeous, sunny, Saturday (September 20, 2014), a gathering of executive coaches met in tribute to Lee Salmon, to share stories, honor his life and contributions to leadership and sustainability, and to present his wife, Mary Ann Gasaway, with the first Gordon Lee Salmon Sustainable Leadership Award.  A picture is worth a thousand words, thus the photos will tell you the rest of the story:

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