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Karl Bryan Spoke to Leading Coaches about Lead Generation and Online Coaching Systems

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The Leading Coaches Center held a community mastermind call featuring Karl Bryan on generating leads and passive income from online coaching systems. Karl’s energetic generosity motivated a lot of the participants to take advantage of his special offer to waive all the start up costs for signing up for his white label system that he spent over a million dollars building that can be your branded online coaching system. Below you can listen to the recording, or download it for later listening in your favorite mp3 player, and if you scroll further down below the info about Karl, you will see notes taken during the call.

Former business coach turned mega-successful online marketing professional now teaches coaches how to create their own Online Business School specifically designed for serving your clients and generating you additional coaching revenue that doesn’t require you to sell your time.  It’s specific for start-ups and established small businesses. Karl developed a system that enables coaches to:

– build a significant passive recurring monthly income
– easily generate leads for those coaches choosing to coach 1-2-1 or groups
– create a lucrative asset that can be sold for a multiple 6- or even 7-figure sum and finally…
– enable coaches to STOP having to trade their time for money.

Karl taught us a whole new way of thinking about your coaching business! GET YOUR PERSONAL TOUR HERE!




To download the mp3 for later listening: CLICK HERE

Karl Bryan teaches the real secrets to generating high end coaching leads, how to profit by offering coaching clients Virtual Coaching Services… and how coaches can finally stop trading their time for money. He uses a powerful step by step online system that’s proven to work for newbies or established coaches.

Karl believes strongly in ethical business practices and is highly passionate about educating business owners in the area of strategic sales and marketing.


Karl built a $5.5 million dollar business coaching company from scratch following the lead generation system he developed that he now successfully teaches other coaches

Encourage everyone to think strategically, not tactically.

desperate to get clients, desperate to get rid of clients…which basket are you in?

tapped out; glass ceiling because you can only scale so much with hourly work…

3 baskets: Lead Generation with key performance indicators is first basket of coaching biz, Basket 2 is conversion, basket 3 is fulfillment

Lead generation is most difficult, requires expert. Fulfillment is most time consuming…that’s your one hour a a week serving each client.

Put together key performance indicators for each of the 3 parts of business. Make sure each of the 3 stands alone.

Online business school assists with all 3…membership website (150 hours of step by step instructional video)

Time for money model for coaches limits your potential revenues. A currency to monitor is time for credibility.

Figure out how to reduce how much time you’re spending creating your credibility. Leverage your resources.

leverage a system to build a system that leverages your credibility when you’re not there….

Credibility increase leads to conversion increase

Get something automated online to assist you in building your credibility: virtual real estate

Online business coaching membership site breaks down walls and barriers to get you leads for your coaching biz

Sell your prospective members access to online, automated coaching in a way that builds credibility for your real life coaching work

Trade time for your system as opposed to time for money.

1. Do public speaking! Get to the front of the room.
2. Close the audience on a year long access to your coaching program online, not your 1-to-1 consult. $1000 for 12 months access.
3. Joint ventures! Go after B2B clients. They can refer you to other clients.

Let your system do the talking for you. It brings you to the JV conversation with a totally different offer than other coaches.

Online coaching system is different value proposition than your competitors are selling.

Media strategy: radio stations; give 25 free memberships for them to use with their sponsors or listeners. You’re giving them $30K value that costs you no time to fulfill

Exchange it for $5K radio advertising or live seminar to their advertisers
Over a million dollars of advertising resources built into Karl’s system. turnkey marketing system already ready for them
Contact those with access to large databases.
Certification and accreditation courses…contact those who train and certify professionals as possible JV partners. It raises their value proposition…they teach their students how to build the business using your system.
Internet allows membership to be global.
Mastermind group…90 days for 15 businesses…10% of those people will buy your high end coaching. Have a curriculum. Use your online coaching site as your curriculum. audio version, video version, downloadable workbook
Help them have a higher value proposition than their competition…become the solution for them leveraging your online system.
This also gives you a way to downsell people who can’t afford you.
Get it built, take it live…that’s only the beginning of the technology of it. The internet is an imperfect animal. We build it for you and manage it for you. Never have a single IT problem ever.
Video on back end to leverage those conversations
$5K grant for growing your business: http://www.profitbeforeyoupay.com/grants
Karl is waiving up front fees for Leading Coaches who want to have access to this system to use for YOUR clients…
You will BREAK EVEN with only FOUR members…
The internet provides a HUGE platform for coaching.
Educational system is completely changing in a big way. The worst way to learn is passively over the phone. Best way to learn is by teaching.
video can be paused, rewound, replayed…excellent way to learn.
Guided tours so others can recommend your system.
World’s greatest business development brochure…

Business coaches can use his platform…it looks like it’s your platform to offer your community.

This is a set of resources to accelerate your impact to your clients
Take a test drive with Karl of the system before you buy…it’s geared to small businesses.
100% systematized. 10 people paying $100 each per month x 12 month = $12K per year. An online business that brings in $12K per year can sell for $24K- $26K. If you plug in 100 people at $100 per month, that’s $10K per month, $120K extra per year. Think about building an asset that can be sold. Build an online asset.
Brush me with the secret sauce: when I sell you something I want to use your eyes to sell you, not my mouth.
Let me show you what we did for X client. 80% of sale is optically stimulated. Tell story with the marketing material. Roll up with tools and aesthetically pleasing resources to help convert the prospect.


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