Can Fairy Tales Come True?

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‘Reality is an ancient form of crowd control that has gotten out of hand.’ Lily Tomlin

The age of planet earth is said to be 4.543 billion years.

That is a long time.

Homo Sapiens – us – have been around 200, 000 years.

If we live to 100 years that is .005 % of time Homo Sapiens have existed.


As a young child I knew that the atrocities I learned about would never happen again.

I want to invent a little cap people would wear as they age with little wires that come down from the hat and hook onto the corners of their mouths and pull them up again. We all look so unhappy…are we…or is it just our mouths?

What is cynicism exactly?  We talk about it a lot.
To me cynicism means: our attempt to avoid a painful feeling of vulnerability.  Vulnerability to rejection and shame.

Someone wrote me this week and said, Bix, you won’t remember me, but I sure remember you. It was a grey Montreal October in 1986 when you led the 2nd weekend of my forum. You were on fire. You changed my life in ways that are hard to explain in words. From the bottom of my soul, thank you.

Am I that person I was 30 years ago? I want to be.

But I cry much more easily now.

I love the Salish First Nation quote: ‘It is not about the world we are leaving for our children. It is about the children we are leaving for the world.’

Our children do the work of what my son calls rounding the stone. It sometimes feels like water running over a stone but mostly it is little tragedies that are very big at the time that take chunks of us and remind us of our helplessness.

Who are we for our children? Who am I for my children?

So where am I taking you with this?

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