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Histories of the 50 Senior Sage Leaders

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The 50 senior sage leaders range in age from 56 to 90, with the average being 70 years. Unlike the emerging sages, two-thirds are men. In terms of generational characteristics, two-thirds are Traditionalists and one-third are Baby Boomers.

Slightly less than half were born out-of-state (Washington State, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, New  York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Florida, England) and somewhat more than half were born in various California communities (Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Whittier, Chico, Inglewood, San Bernardino, Willows). One-half currently live in Nevada City, a quarter of them reside in Grass Valley, and the rest live elsewhere in Nevada County (Lake Wildwood, Rough & Ready, Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, Penn Valley, Cascade Shores, San Juan Ridge).

Senior sage leaders grew-up in both blue collar and professional family backgrounds. A number were raised on small family farms, and some had fathers who were miners, small business owners, electricians, construction workers, and policemen. Among the professions were attorney, FBI agent, physician, teacher, school administrator, minister, government official, WWII submarine commander, magazine publisher, senior businessman, architect, and corporate officer. Most were raised in homes with traditional values, where respectful behavior and hard work were family norms. One grew-up in England and as a young girl looked after her mother and younger sibling in air raid shelters during the Battle of Britain. About half were raised in homes where community service was part of the family ethos, and the other half were raised in families where little or no community service was experienced or expected:

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