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Deep Caring XXVIII: Generativity Four—The Benefits of Civic Engagement  

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Gary Quehl and William Bergquist

[Note: The complete book (Caring Deeply: Engaging the Four Roles of Life-Fulfilling Generativity) is available for purchase. Use the following link:  Caring Deeply.]

The generative motivations that Sage leaders attribute to their civic involvements, and the benefits they receive from them, are closely linked. But benefits possess a different quality than motivations. Emerging and Senior Sage leaders all identify with the rich source of human talent and energy that exists in the community. Like the founders of Grass Valley and Nevada City, they see gold in the foothills—but the gold is human capital rather than a mineral.

Emerging Sage Leaders

Emerging Sage leaders identify seven major benefits that they receive from their civic involvements.

Personal Satisfaction and Fulfillment

The leading benefit appears to be personal satisfaction and fulfillment:

The great feeling that comes from giving back, of being involved with our youth and knowing I am impacting their lives, is a tremendous personal benefit. Those students will remain in our community and be our future contributors. Being involved with them also helps to keep me young.

Personal Relationships

Another major benefit to Emerging Sage leaders is the personal relationships they are able to build from their civic engagements: “My wife and I have so much fun in the relationships we have with other people through our civic engagements. We feel inspired to continue to do things. Some of the people I grew-up with here spend much of their free time still playing video games – I just don’t get it.”

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