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Deep Caring XXVIII: Generativity Four—The Benefits of Civic Engagement  

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Senior Sage Leaders

As in the case of the Emerging Sage Leaders, the Senior leaders identify multiple benefits—but they are not all the same as those identified by their younger colleagues.

Personal Fulfillment

Like their Emerging Sage colleagues, Senior Sage leaders believe the most valued benefit is personal fulfillment: “Making these concerts and music available, and the way it’s done, gives me a feeling of real accomplishment. It also makes me feel that in some way, through the arts, we’re making this a better place to live. That is quite fulfilling.”

Building Personal Relationships

Building personal relationships is another perceived benefit that Senior Sages receive from their civic engagements:

First of all, there is a feeling of relevance. I think it is very dangerous for anyone not to feel relevant. I also get a lot of reinforcement from people who are happy with the contributions they believe that I make. And I’ve gotten to know a lot of good people who I would never have known without my community involvements.

Helping Others

For many Senior Sage leaders, what motivates them, and the benefits they receive from their civic involvements, are one-in-the same—helping others:

Take Habit for Humanity as an example. I work with a group of friends I have made within a Habitat construction crew. We go out and hammer nails and get a lot done while also having a good time. Best of all, we are helping families to have a nice home. What can beat that?

Community Betterment

There is a fourth generative benefit that Senior Sages identify from their civic involvements, and it is community betterment.

I feel I have been able to give back to the community that has given so much to our family.

I hope I am bringing value to organizations that are contributing to the overall benefit of the community. When I first came here I saw what people were trying to do, and I’m proud of living in this area. I’ve always been one to practice what I preach, help out if I can to make the community even better. I volunteer for both little things and big things.

This benefit is directly tied to Stage Three Generativity:

My wife and I have been involved with others in growing the arts, and 32 years ago there wasn’t much here. Now the arts are flourishing. Yes, one of our theatres, which I loved, closed, but we still have three or four other active theatre companies. And we have two premier and very active musical organizations, leaving aside the other music groups here that seem endless. So we have a community that is physically beautiful, somewhat remote, but has a rich cultural life.

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