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5 Keys to Exceptional Business Coaching

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  1. Understand Their Business

Once you understand their personal motivation, you need to understand the purpose of their chosen business, and the model it mimics. Develop a questionnaire that has you spend time learning and understanding the type of business that your clients are in, and the service they currently offer – or can potentially offer – their clients. This is where you as the business coach, can offer huge value to your client, since they will likely never have heard a unique perspective like yours. See how their desires for being in business match their offering, and see how you can provide input based on your wealth of business experience from your past. Remember, in the end, your client will want to make money. Keep this at the forefront of your brainstorming and coaching efforts to achieve mutual success.

  1. Set Goals with Business Coaching Clients

One of the biggest shortcomings with the newly “self-employed”, is the drive, direction, and accountability that a boss provides. Think about it, would there be any deadlines in a traditional job if you didn’t have a boss screaming down a telephone demanding deadlines be met?

Your job as a business coach is to, temporarily, fill the no-boss void in the successful business dynamic. Work with them to set goals, deadlines, and milestones that ensure their success, and create a system that will remind them of those goals and hold them accountable. In the beginning, you will be the main port-of-call for your client. As an exceptional coach, it’s up to you to coach self-reliance, so that one day they can hold themselves accountable, understanding the crucial nature of this skill for business success.

Unlock Your Coaching Success

Exceptional business coaching starts with fundamentals, and through a thorough understanding of their needs, their business aspirations, and with some careful questioning, you can lead them to the business greatness they dream of.


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