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4 Reasons Why You Should Try Executive Business Coaching

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Executive coaching works so well that there was an approximate 1.5 billion dollars was spent on it just last 2017. Most of the big companies all over the world employ coaches for upper management. So, what makes this concept so attractive to CEOs? What are they hoping to gain from it?

In one study, business coaching professionals were asked what was the main subject area for which they coached CEO’s, the overwhelming answer was “self-awareness.” The second one being “interpersonal skills, listening skills and empathy.” Upon closer inspection of these skills – a portrait of emotional intelligence emerges. An increase in the former results in an increase in the latter, which is extremely crucial for the leadership positions of managers and CEOs.

So, how can executive coaching help out CEOs and managers? Here are some of the reasons as to why:

It Helps Heighten Self-Awareness

As mentioned, self-awareness is one of the main areas in which coaches target – and for good reason; as it’s the catalyst by which growth starts to happen. Without that first step of realization, people blindly continue doing things in the same way as usual.

Improves Self-Regulation

Sometimes, awareness of one’s emotions brings about discipline to control such. At the very least, the task of self-regulation is made more attainable. For instance, picture out a scenario at work where you have to oversee a brand new employee and you face feelings of inferiority; however, you don’t recognize what your feelings are (you’re not aware of yourself). All you know is that you feel uncomfortable, edgy or uneasy when dealing with someone.

Self-awareness is the first step in regulating your emotions and handling situations with ease and comfort. People with high emotional intelligence tend to possess better self-regulation skills.

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  1. Steele Honda

    March 27, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    Thanks for pointing out that hiring a business coach and can heighten your self-awareness. I think that business coach would be good to have especially if you had been in business so long you might not notice everything going on around you anymore. I think it would just be good at getting you to look at your business and yourself through new eyes.


  2. Taylor Bishop

    April 11, 2019 at 9:49 am

    I wanted to thank you for explaining why it could be good to get an executive business coaching. It’s nice to know that this can actually help you be more self-aware and start your growth. Honestly, it seems important to be self-aware throughout this process, especially if it can help you know how you should improve.


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