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A Book, Birthday & Breathalyzer

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It’s now 10pm and I am rounding the corner near my house, and there is a road block. No problem, I only had one glass of wine and that is what I will tell them. Before I knew it, I was watching my car being towed, leaving me on the side of the road while people were pointing and laughing at me.  But all I could hear is the booming resounding words, “COOK DINNER THEN LEAVE” pounding inside my head.

Four days later, driving my car, and $750.00 poorer for the lesson, I stop at a nearby store for a coffee. Standing outside is a young girl, soft tears running down her face, staring straight ahead into nowhere. I walk by, and as I pass, the sound of the “Voice of my Conscious” fills my whole being; “Ask her if she needs a ride”. I crouch in the corner of my mind, as if to hide from it. “I don’t ask random people to get into my car!!”, I argued. I’m still trying to recover from the most humiliating experience of my life…I want out of this challenge…but who do you tell that you want to quit?

I knew better than to not listen; I didn’t want another lesson like the last one. “Excuse me, can I give you a ride somewhere?”
“Yes, I want to go home.”

A knowing washed over me and instantly I knew which home she was talking about  – and it wasn’t here on Earth. We talked for a few minutes before I asked if I could take her in for something to eat.

We sat in a booth at Mom’s Cafe and she ordered poached salmon, rice, vegetables and a pot of chamomile tea. She ate slowly and with the most refined table manners. Her nails were clean and groomed but it was her eyes that held my attention. The crystal blue colour surrounded by the clearest of whites opened wide, and I felt I could see straight into her soul. She spoke of her pain and how much she wanted to just go back to the home she missed so much. My heart ached…, not for her, but for my own painful longing to go back to the same home.

The tears continued to fall softly down her face as she ate one small bite at a time. We shared our remembered experiences of being back home…, in silence. She pleaded with me for permission to take her return into her own hands, as if the power was mine to give.  The tears started to stream down my face as I gently talked about the purpose she has not yet fulfilled here on Earth…, that there are no short cuts to learning our lessons, and there is much to teach before we leave.

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