Our Dance with Technology

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We are constantly interacting with our environment and when some technology is present then we are inevitably going to interact with it. This technology will influence our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors. We will, in turn, influence this technology – or at least the way in which it influences us.

At a very simple level, for instance, we can ignore a specific technology and move through life trying to ignore it. While some of us, for instance, are fully “addicted” to smart phone communications, others of us choose not to even have a smart phone. More often, however, this technology is deeply embedded in our life and will not leave us alone. We must dance with it and either lead or follow. In either case, there are profound psychological implications that must be carefully explored. Human-embedded technologies are here to stay in our individual and collective psyche.



Brothers, Leslie (2001) Mistaken Identity. Albany, NY: State University of New York.

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