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Small Change for a Bigger Difference

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I recognise my responsibility to use my curiosity wisely. I aim to replace criticism with curiosity. This is a way to raise my game: to choose presence of mind, to be awake, moment by moment. I can pause for breath and notice what I notice. Then I have an opportunity to inhibit my habitual reaction – and, in place of it, to choose my response. By repeated practice I can lay down new neural pathways which alter my automatic reaction. In doing so I build my empathy and resilience. How will I wake up, in the moment, again and again?

My best example of how I am seeking to change the game is small – and profound. For two years I have followed a daily practice of choosing at the start of the day what two or three qualities I will embody: for example today I will be calm, compassionate, productive; and at the end of the day writing down three things I am grateful for: for example friends, mobility, nourishing food. This practice has helped me to manage my own state: to be resourceful and responsive. Small change makes a difference. How do I act on those things which I can change?

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