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Spirituality and Coaching

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The third essay is taken from the archives of The Library of Professional Coaching. It is the transcript of an interview I conducted with Julio Olalla—one of the major thought-leaders in the field of professional coaching and an exceptionally wise guide to the world of spirituality and the making of meaning (ontology).



This section concludes with an essay I have prepared for this issue of The Future of Coaching. It concerns multiple perspectives on the role played by spirituality in the life of a community. How are “habits of the heart” formed by and manifest in specific spiritual traditions?

Habits of the Heart


Spirituality in Organizations

In what ways is spirituality to be found in the organizations where many of us providing our coaching services? John Bush published an essay several years ago in The Future of Coaching that addresses this important question.

Spirituality in Organizations


Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith are two of the major contributors over the past three decades to our understanding of effective leadership practices. Their Legacy Leadership training program has been widely used with great success. Both Sandstrom and Smith come to their work with strong religious convictions. They have offered insights regarding how leadership can be particularly effective when a religious (and more broadly spiritual) perspectives has been brought into the practice of leadership. I have built on the work of Sandstrom and Smith in suggesting ways in which spirituality might be incorporated in their five best practices.

Legacy Leadership


Diversity of Perspectives

I offer three essays already published in The Library of Professional Coaching that broaden our perspective on spirituality. We must open up to new perspective if we are to acknowledge and potentially incorporate spirituality in our coaching practices.

Linda Bark offers a multidimensional approach to coaching that helps clients access imagery, body responses, sense of purpose and feelings. This broader perspective allows coaching clients to make choices and take actions that integrate all parts of themselves.



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