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Journey to Irony I: The Lands of Alpha and Beta

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A Four Quadrant Map

We can now put the two coordinates together to form a four-fold box that will serve as our map. I assign simple labels to each of the four quadrants (alpha, beta, gamma, delta)—but will offer must more vivid labels to each of these four quadrants as they are transformed into the four lands through which I will be traveling.

The Four Quadrant Map of Irony


With this four-fold map in hand, we are ready to leave home and journey through the four lands.

Alpha: Land of the Lotus-Eaters [Irony-Free]

I begin my journey by traveling to a land where all is well and everyone lives a life of personal bliss. When first arriving, I am immediately drawn to a picnic (the first of four “Ps” I will encounter on my journey). It is being held in a park located in the middle of a city saddled with very little crime, but also not much civic planning.

Surrounding the park are a wide variety of enterprises. A gambling casino (which is very popular) is located next door to a lot selling high priced new cars (no old cars are to be found in this land). A pharmacy sits next to the car lot. This drug store is popular. It specializes in a wide variety of mind-bending and mood-altering drugs. This is the land of the lotus-eaters.

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