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Journey to Irony I: The Lands of Alpha and Beta

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Exploring Alpha

I wonder over to the picnic. No one invites me to join. On the other hand, no one asks me to leave. It seems to be unimportant to anyone if I stay or leave. Perhaps, it is because everyone seems to be a bit “high” on life or some ingested ingredient. Music floats through the air. Flutes, lyres, banjos and small drums seem to be favorites and are being played everywhere. Though there doesn’t seem to be much coordination regarding the music, the disparate sounds, melodies and rhythms somehow interweave in an interesting and often pleasing manner—a bit ethereal (perhaps even heavenly).

After nibbling on some lovely snacks (there didn’t seem to be any main dishes–only a wide variety of small, very tasty treats), I wandered over to a far corner of the park, where I saw a very large movie theater (almost as large as the casino located at the other end of the park). The theater was designed very much in a mashup of gothic and art deco, with a wide variety of themes being pasted together to not totally unpleasant effect.

Being trumpeted all over the theater building were advertisements for a major movie festival that is about to be launched. The festival features the early movies of Walt Disney (not the later movies which are too “complicated” and multi-layered). The first movie to be presented is “Sleeping Beauty”. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are featured in many of these movies, as are Snow White and Cinderella. Nothing but happy endings and movies that always end with a Gothic-scripted message: “and they lived happily ever after . . .”

When I turned to the right, I saw a quite diverse set of other buildings on the edge of the park: a dress, coat and jewelry “emporium” (with many different fashions displayed in the window), another pharmacy (called “Euphoria”), and a craft shop (featuring strangely shaped ceramic bowls that seem to have been shaped on the wheel by a potter who was a bit high).

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