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Discover the Greatness Within

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Within all human beings, no matter what part of the world they’re from, what their environment has been, what culture they come from, what their religious tradition is, there lives a certain kind of greatness. Everyone knows that this greatness lives within them. We call it different things, but the bottom line is that we all have a central wish to be as good, true, kind, and as profitable a human being that we can be. It’s in our very DNA. And that divine code if you will, is the same in every human being. We just dress it differently.

Within every individual there lives a wish to embody something grand, beautiful, kind, true, and loving. None of us – no matter where you go in the world – can escape the need we have to realize the truth of ourselves. And this longing we have to be free, to know ourselves, and to express ourselves, was given to us by something sacred. Nothing in the world has the right to take it away from us.

 We all have common needs: the need to love; to grow as human beings; to continually perfect ourselves; and to integrate our lives with the universe around us. These needs are common to all of us, regardless of the place in the world we live in or the discipline we grew up with. The commonality of these needs means they were placed in us by something that came before our culture – that came before our religious backgrounds and traditions.

It is honoring the true needs we have as human beings that places us in relationship with that which put those needs within us – that places us in relationship with that which transcends all boundaries, that transcends all of the moralities and the mores, and all the other things that currently govern and divide human beings. If you know the truth of yourself, you will find freedom, because to know the truth of yourself is to come back into relationship with these essential needs that were put in us so that we could discover our connection with something that is timeless.

We share an uncommon possibility as human beings, which arises from the fact that we all share common heartaches. No matter where you go in the world, you’ll find men and women in one way or another whose dreams have been broken, who have lost something that they love or someone they love, who have a regret or a disappointment that they’re unable to shake free from.

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