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Discover the Greatness Within

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As a rule, when we meet people with problems, the first thing we tend to do is distance ourselves from them because “I already have enough pain.” But we can start to understand that in the truest sense of the word, this man or this woman is in fact a celestial brother or sister because we have the same needs. And if I am going to be able to help another human being – to hear, to understand, to bring any light whatsoever into the heart or mind of another individual – I do so because I have found that understanding first in myself. And the extent to which I am capable of adding some light to the life of another human being, is the extent to which I have first found that light in myself, and know that we all hold that light in common. In that common sharing of a new understanding lies the uncommon possibility for a transcendent life that we all have as human beings.

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