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Curated 2022: The Best Essays Regarding Coaching Trends and Strategies

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For the third time in the history of The Library of Professional Coaching (LPC) we are offering “A Best of . . .” volume of Curated. In this instance, we are also providing a theme that brings the selected essays together in a coherent manner. The theme is: Coaching Trends and Strategies.

In past editions of Curated, we have worked primarily with one criterion in the selection of essays—namely the number of times the essay has been accessed. For this edition, we engaged three criteria. First, we did choose some essays that have frequently been accessed. Second, we have chosen some essays that have received thoughtful and appreciative comments from readers. Apparently, these essays offered enough insightful (or provocative) content to elicit these reactions. Third, we made use of the SEO ratings of essays in this library. In recent years, each LPC essay is given an SEC rating for clarity and “readability.” Some of the essays that met one or more of these three criteria have already been included in a previous edition of Curated. These essays were set aside.

From a list of approximately 30 “best of” essays chosen on the basis of these three criteria, we have selected those which are most directly aligned with the major theme of this edition of Curated—the trends and strategies of professional coaching.

Coaching Trends

The first two essays offer a contemporary (2022) perspective regarding trends in the field of professional coaching.

Five Big Trends

2020 has certainly been a year of the unexpected. Many coaches have found it necessary to completely rethink and rework their offering in order to adapt to doing business in the midst of a global pandemic. With the likelihood of disruption continuing well into 2021, coaches are now putting into practice business models which probably weren’t even on their roadmap this time last year. In fact, many of our coaches have been able to grow their businesses exponentially during the pandemic.


This essay continues the exploration of trends in the coaching industry. Growth in the coaching industry has been exponential, as people lost their employment due to COVID and are displaced by technology. Furthermore, COVID highlights a yearning to live more purposeful and meaningful lives. Covid has also accelerated 4th and 5th industrial revolution Coaching is impacted by the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Wearable Technology. General societal trends lead to new modes of coaching related to diversity, equality and inclusion—as well as personalisation, individualisation and customisation.

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