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Ditch Your Elevator Statement

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2. Word of mouth doesn’t just happen among business people and in business situations.

It happens all the time.

Julius knows Kathy because Kathy’s husband painted his house last month (“Roman Column White,” I can only assume). He and I are connected through someone we both know in common. Julius’s accountant happens to have an office in my building.

It’s all random and there’s no way you could ever predict when and where it will happen. (“Hey honey, make sure to tell that guy whose house you’re painting about the work I do in case he runs into Michael Katz when he goes to see his accountant next month.”)

But it happens, nonetheless. Your job, therefore, is to spread the word – ongoing and often – to everyone you meet.

What’s not your job is to spend time trying to figure out who’s worthy of hearing your message. The answer is, everyone. You never know whose wife’s brother’s plumber is married to the CEO of a company that needs your help.

Here’s the bottom line. Everyone you know and every interaction you have is a marketing opportunity.

Figure out how to simply and clearly explain what it is you do and share it, over and over again, with anyone who’s willing to listen. All hail Caesar.

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