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Navigational Help for Executive Coaching’s Future

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TEC4 Overview

Briefly, there are two stages in the TEC4 process. In Stage 1, consumers are guided in evaluating coaches, and coaches are helped through the process of evaluating themselves, in twelve areas:

Applied, on the job business experience
Business education and training
Continuous learning and development in business
Applied, on the job psychology experience
Psychology education and training
Continuous learning and development in psychology
Applied, on the job coaching experience
Coaching education and training
Continuous learning and development in coaching
Business ethics depth
Psychology ethics depth
Coaching ethics depth

With a scoring range of 0-25 points for each of the TEC4 categories (Business Depth, Psychology Depth, Coaching Depth and Ethics Depth), coaches identify their strengths to capitalize on, and development opportunities to address with future training and education. Consumers uncover candidate coaches who score well enough to be moved by the consumer to Stage 2 based on comparative, detailed information about specific and relevant executive coaching competencies.

In Stage 2, we suggest that consumers meet for 45-60 minutes with their remaining candidate coach(es). The TEC4 includes more than 50 suggested questions to use in this stage of the process to help consumers get a sense of chemistry while learning about a coach in four areas:

1. Intellectual/thinking abilities (e.g. problem-solving)
2. Emotional characteristics (e.g. motivation)
3. Insight (e.g. self-awareness)
4. Leadership/work style (e.g. approach to working with clients)

Next, understanding more about the coach, the consumer can then privately reflect using additional suggested TEC4 questions (e.g. How well has the coach been preparing and developing professionally over the years? How well does the coach listen? What kind of chemistry do I seem to have with the coach, and why?)

At this point, armed with detailed subjective and objective information about each candidate coach, the odds favor the buyer making a sound decision and partnering with the strongest, high-quality practitioner.

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