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Why Social Media Marketing Comes Last

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Here is a typical conversation I have with prospective clients ALL the time.
Mr. Prospect: We’d like to do some social media marketing.
Me: Oh, great. Exactly, what are you looking for within social media marketing?
Mr. Prospect: Well, we need a Facebook fan page and a twitter account.
Me: So, you’ve got a great business and a fabulous website with great content?  And need to get the word out more? Yes?
Mr. Prospect: hmm…see, our website isn’t quite what we need it to be. Its in all flash and we designed it ourselves five years ago. And, we also need to rebrand. Our old brand isn’t really what we do anymore.
Me: How do you plan on using social media marketing then?
Mr. Prospect: Figured that’s how you get the word out.
Me: Yes, of course you want to get the word out and build relationships with new prospects. But, what exactly do you want amplified? Because social media is the ultimate amplifier.Your basics like a great brand, a well converting website, and content, should all come first. Do you do any type of email marketing now to keep in touch with current website visitors?
Mr. Prospect: <Long Pause> So, you are saying that social media marketing comes last?
Me: Amen. (well…something of that sort).


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