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List of Journal Articles by Focus Area, Date and Author

By Lew Stern and Sunny Stout-Rostron

We recently wrote an article for the journal Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice. That article explores the extent to which the research focus areas of the 100 research proposals generated by the International Coaching Research Forum (ICRF) in 2008 have been
addressed in substantive, primary, evidence-based research (Stern and Stout-Rostron, 2013). The purpose of this list of articles is to allow coaching researchers, practitioners, clients, and others to find coaching research articles which meet the criteria described below. This list is ordered by coaching
focus area, date and author.

In September 2008, the International Coaching Research Forum (ICRF), consisting of internationally recognized researchers and coaching professionals, met at Harvard University to produce 100 coaching research proposals which could be accessed by stakeholders worldwide to advance coaching as an evidence-based discipline (Kauffman, Russell and Bush, 2008). We reviewed the 100 coaching research proposals produced by the ICRF, and prepared a list of the 16 main focus areas in which they recommended research. We identified these 16 areas based on a categorical aggregate of themes emerging from each of the proposals, and by reviewing the frequency of questions and topics within
the 100 proposals.

The purpose of our article was “to explore what evidence-based research has been produced since 2008, reviewing abstracts of peer-reviewed journal articles published to date in our global and collaborative effort to share ideas, expertise and advance a more disciplined and rigorous field. It is important to note that our compilation of abstracts, while wide-ranging, is not a definitive ‘global’
anthology. It is based on the available English-language, peer-reviewed journal articles found on the web, from journals published primarily in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa (Stern and Stout-Rostron, 2013:2). We analyzed the number of research studies to discover the relative degree to which each of the 16 ICRF focus areas were studied, how those numbers were
changing over time, and which disciplines had peer-reviewed journals publishing coaching research during this time.

Our criteria for including journal articles within the scope of our study (including those we selected from the Grant (2011) bibliography) were as follows:
•  English-language, peer-reviewed journal articles focusing on coaching research, published from 1 January 2008 to 30 June 2012.
• Primary research or research whose purpose is to identify best practices available to coaches without restriction to proprietary techniques; research to identify the who, what, where, when or how of coaching through empirical or qualitative studies; original research or an attempt to replicate previous research; testing hypotheses or null hypotheses; or an attempt to answer questions about the practice of coaching related to who does the coaching, who is coached, under what circumstances, using what approaches or processes, with what results, primarily regarding coaching and research conducted using recognized standards and scientific methods.

• Research on sports coaching is not included.

• Any articles in which the authors simply express opinions, comments or promotional expositions have not been included.

• The details of over 450 journal articles were located, of which approximately 190 were excluded because they did not meet the above criteria, leaving 263 journal articles.

The articles we have included in the reference list (available as a “download” below) meet all of these criteria. The list is organized by the 16 focus areas from the ICRF proposed research. Within each of the 16 areas the articles are ordered by date and then by author(s).

Reference list can be downloaded by clicking on button below.


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