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Why the ICF Core Competencies are Essential Building Blocks to Enable True Collaboration

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Liz Barron, PCC and Anne Tannam, ACC

Since 2009, we’ve been collaborating regularly; running coaching and training programs, presenting webinars and of course, co-writing blogs—though we sometimes fight over who gets to hold the pen. We’ve experienced firsthand that coaching skills and competencies are fundamental to any successful collaboration requiring teamwork, partnership and cohesion.

Why Collaboration?

What is it that makes collaboration more than simply cooperation? According to Andrea Britt, Ph.D., in her book Wired To Connect, collaboration is “the mutual engagement of a group of two or more in a co-creative effort that achieves a shared goal or vision…and the result is changed by the input of all the contributors.” From personal experience, we also believe that all involved are transformed by the act of collaboration, just like both coach and client are through the coaching process.

Why are the ICF Core Competencies Important?

As we become familiar with the updated ICF Core Competencies, we can see how they are more relevant than ever in our increasingly virtual space and against a backdrop of rising global challenges. Intentionally partnering with others to create collaborative solutions is in all our best interests.

Let’s take a simple business example that many who work with partnerships and teams will recognize.

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