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Facing the Economic Challenges

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“People want to be frightened and I think that’s a shame…don’t let noisy news distress you…my goodness, there is so much resilience in this country that we’ve not yet begun to use.” ~ Paul Harvey, 2001, “Good Day”

This brief article is excerpted from a weekly ezine (“Monday Morning Muse”) offered by The Coaching Corporation (www.TheCoachingCorp.com). Each Muse has been prepared under the guidance of Inga Estes, president of The Coaching Corporation.

What can you do today to take care of your business? As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we are uniquely positioned to ‘ride the waves’ of our economic challenges. And, if you think that right now it’s tough as an executive or entrepreneur, imagine having worked in one single manufacturing company your entire career, and now that plant is closing.

We think that that is much tougher than this! Here are some of the things you might consider doing if you’re stressed or worried about next steps (and even if you’re not):

Revisit the basics:
clean your car, closets, files, drawers, and cabinet

Get your imagination moving by harnessing your endorphins:
go to the gym, do some yoga, take a walk

When you’ve cleaned your space and elevated your mood:
call your past clients, call potential clients, talk to potential alliances

In the process of all that, keep your eyes and ears open:
we live in the midst of many communities, what can you do to help?

We wish you the very best outcomes during these challenging times of immense opportunity!

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