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Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

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Mental health resources in executive coach arsenals should include:
● Treatment programs for alcoholism and other addictions
● Referrals for licensed psychologists or psychiatrists
● Hotlines and helplines for suicide and other emergency situations
● Support groups for various challenges
● Health and lifestyle coaches
● Relevant health insurance benefits

Proactive Culture

Coaches like yourself promote mentally healthy teams when your culture allows for mental health to have its place in the workplace. Burnout, anxiety, and overwhelm impact productivity (and overall general health), so it is also in the company’s best interests to support employees. Look for ways to incorporate wellness and self-care into employee benefits and workplace activities, whether you provide more coaching sessions or implement new programs. Your employees will thank you by showing up to work as their best selves and staying loyal to a company that puts their mental health first.

Consider these ideas for building a workplace of wellness:
● Promote open conversations between team members
● Dedicate space for meditation and recharging
● Bring in wellness experts for mental health discussions
● Stock healthy food and tea in work kitchens
● Negotiate with health insurance benefits to include mental health services

Addressing mental health in the workplace can be professional and caring at the same time. Employees remain loyal and passionate about their jobs if they feel supported and cared for by a coach they trust. Invest in your company by researching and preparing ways to promote their mental health and the success of your team.

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One Comment

  1. Marilyn Orr

    May 24, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    Thanks for gracefully tackling such a prominent issue! As a coach with a therapist background I love encouraging coaches to still use the tools they have as a coach to at least start the conversation and provide support to people with mental health challenges.

    If you’d like it on your list, my book is called “How Absorbent Are Your Shocks?” It is an everyday workbook for greater resilience.

    Thanks Patrick for the great article!

    Marilyn Orr


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