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The “Work-Life” Evolution: Understanding the Past to Help Your Clients Navigate the Future

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In analyzing the timeline and charting the upsides and downsides, we were able to see a clear evolution. If you start with the upside of work-life separation, you will see an emphasis or focus on work. However, when that is overdone, the downside presents itself as feeling like a worker bee. In order to address that concern, we moved toward achieving work-life balance with the upside as acknowledging a worker’s life outside of work. And, when that is overdone, people are left feeling pressure to do it all. Thus leading to the next phase of work-life integration with the upside of flexibility, which has its own downsides that we all know too well, including having no boundaries.

No matter what generation your client is from, this is a helpful exercise for your clients to notice their attitudes towards work when they were younger and how they view work today. The idea is to use their insight from the past to help them intentionally create a future that will continue their unique evolution.

Sample Coaching Questions

  • What attitudes did you learn about work growing up? How has that served you? How has it gotten in your way?
  • What have you brought with you into the workplace as an adult?
  • How aware are you when you are over-focusing on work to the neglect of home (and vice versa)? What feedback do you receive from others that may be your early warning signs?

 STEP 2: Re-Label

Once you have explored the past and have clarity on your client’s views of work-life, it is tempting to help your client identify strategies to move forward. However, keep in mind that at this point your client may not have a strong vision for the work-life they desire. Without that vision, any strategies proposed may only serve as a Band-Aid (reaction) in the short term, versus a new way of living and working.

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