Is Work-Life Balance a Myth?

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Wow!  The insight that came to me at that moment was palatable.. I think I paused in my head and was so excited with what I had just learned. I left there thinking that is really what I have believed all these years, but was not able to articulate it so well.  Our clients and we can strive for balance in our activities, the things we are choosing, and unchosen change, but we do it by having a place of balance, or a center, to come back to ….a moment in time amidst the competing energies that draw us off center.

I believe it is key to have a daily centering activity such as meditation, walks in nature, yoga, Tai chi, or even reading.  And it is also important to have an instant center to go to in our body when we are thrown off balance in our lives.   Additionally, that is why people take vacations away from the routine and the usual.  So balance comes from a constant state of motion as the Cirque character taught me.  And our goal for our clients and us is to be purposeful in finding our center, our place of momentary balance that we can take with us and also return to.

What are the key things you do in your life to achieve balance and to center yourself in the midst of competing energies???  How can you use this in your life and work?

Peace now

Dr. Pat

Ps.  Some resources you might like can be found at and also an article by Matthew Toren of entitled Does a Work-Life Balance Exist for Entrepreneurs? Not Really.(6/24/14) and an article by Boland Jones for Entrepreneur magazine entitled Chasing the Myth of Work-Life Balance (1/23/15) and in Forbes magazine, Overcoming the Destructive Myth of Work-Life Balance by Kevin Harrington (8/04/14)

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