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Life . . . By Drift or Design

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In the design, your life is about consciously choosing to take actions consistent with your values, your inner knowing, and your most important cares.

In the drift, you’re blind to the possibilities that things could be done differently. You take your habitual choices and your ways of responding to things as the norm.

In the design you’re aware that your thinking and your actions are either generating what you want or they aren’t.

In the drift, you are more likely to blame your circumstances or others for why you don’t have what you want.

In the design you know you have more choice than you think you do. You know you have options to design it differently and you always have the option to relate to your circumstances differently, even if you can’t change them.

In the drift you have a whole lot of reasons why you have to keep doing what you’re doing.
In the design you muster your courage and take risks to get results, and, even if you fail, you know you were acting out of alignment and integrity with what matters most.

The drift shows up in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Take, for example, the senior manager who is so overwhelmed with work that he doesn’t have time to return emails in a timely manner. Ironically, the lack of communication with his team is the reason there are so many emails in the first place but he can’t see that – he doesn’t have the time. Or consider the project team that is so busy reacting to changing user requirements that they don’t step back to see if the overall project plan and direction still makes sense to their customers.

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