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Early Reviews Are In: The Ark of Leadership

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The first reviews of The Ark of Leadership are now in. They are quite positive and gratifying for the three authors:

The Ark of Leadership is hard to encapsulate: the most comprehensive reference and practical approach to leadership development I have seen in all my years of being an IT leader and then coaching and consulting leaders globally. Unlike ambiguous terms and prescriptive ideals about what makes a great leader, it articulates the many considerations that inform a leader’s path, empowering individuals to shape themselves into the leaders they aspire to be – for the context to which they feel most called to contribute.
The five practices of Legacy Leadership weave together key dimensions of leadership development and are cross-referenced with personality and leadership styles, with interpersonal needs and how they apply (most or least effectively) under different organizational conditions.
We follow the narrative journey of lively client cases, navigating through their challenges, with a spectrum of emotions—from frustration and resignation to ambition and possibility.
In both my role as a leader and my practice of leadership development, I consider this book a trusted companion, to be referred to time and again. And I consider it a bonus to also find a much richer understanding here into the evolution of teams, with their pitfalls and enormous potential.

Anne Miller,

Strategic business consultant and global executive coach


As a studious leadership coach for over 35 years, I find this is the best all-around reference guide to leadership development I’ve ever seen. It will live on your desk, not on your shelf! “The Ark of Leadership” is a crisply structured compendium of leadership best practices and approaches – vast territory indeed! But it is concise, engagingly written, cross referenced, and easily accessible for any situation, as we collectively respond to a “whitewater” world.

Karen King

Lead Partner, Vistage WorldWide CEO Peer Organization, NM


To purchase the book please click on this link:  The Ark of Leadership




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