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[Note: Photos of each participant in the New Executive Coaching Summit accompany the brief biographies on the downloadable pdf version of this document.]


William Bergquist

An international coach and consultant, professor in the fields of psychology, management and public administration, and author of more than 50 books. Dr. Bergquist consults on and writes about personal, group, organizational and societal transitions and transformations. His published work ranges from the personal transitions of men and women in their 50s and the struggles of men and women in recovering from strokes to the experiences of freedom among the men and women of Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In recent years, Bergquist has focused on the processes of organizational coaching and societal justice. He is coauthor with Agnes Mura of coachbook and consultbook, co-founder of the on-line Library of Professional Coaching and founder of the on-line Library of Professional Psychology. The Professional School of Psychology, over which Bill Bergquist presides, offers workshops and certificate programs in clinical, organizational and health psychology to mature, accomplished adults.


Neeraj Bhagat

Neeraj Bhagat is an experienced leadership coach, trainer, and speaker. Throughout his twenty-five years of professional work, Neeraj has been drawn to the “human side of business,” playing the roles of coach, facilitator, and advisor while holding formal positions in management, consulting, teaching, strategy, marketing, and sales. He has experience working in organizations of all sizes – from startups to very large entities. He has coached and trained people across the enterprise from emerging leaders to Chief Executive Officers. Neeraj brings a wealth of real-world business experience which he combines with his “compassionately intense” style to help clients achieve breakthroughs that immensely impact their organizations and their lives. He is a fierce champion of what is possible and an empathetic holder of the proverbial mirror so clients experience deep learning and achieve progressive action towards major goals. Neeraj believes in the co-active leadership model where the client and coach work together to guide the coaching relationship.


Madeleine Homan Blanchard

Madeleine is on the Board of Directors of The Ken Blanchard Companies, is a co-founder of Blanchard Coaching Services and a co-creator of the first ever Coaching Management System, Blanchard’s proprietary software designed to help deliver coaching on a large scale in organizations. Madeleine was a Founding Advisory Board member and Master Trainer for CoachU, and a Founding Board member of the International Coach Federation where she served for six years. Madeleine has been in the coaching profession since 1989 and has deep understanding of working with organizations to leverage professional coaching, teach coaching skills to leaders and create a coaching culture. Her best coaching work is done with creative geniuses.  A hopeless entrepreneur, Madeleine has started six coaching organizations. Books she has written include:  Leverage Your Best: Ditch the Rest; the Coaching Secrets Executives Depend On, Coaching in Organizations, Leading at a Higher Level 3ed (contributor), Coaching for Leadership 3ed (contributor).

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