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The Ark of Leadership: Annotated Table of Contents

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Authors: William Bergquist, Jeannine Sandstrom and Agnes Mura

[Note: this Annotated Table of Contents provides a listing of sections and chapters contained in The Ark of Leadership as well as brief quotes from each chapter that enables a potential reader to get a “taste” of this book’s contents. The book can be purchased by clicking on the following link:  The Ark of Leadership.]


“The biblical figure Noah was a remarkable leader. Among other things, he was sensitive to the coming of change. In this specific instance, he was aware that a considerable amount of rain was about to fall on his planet. Whether or not there was a divine message, it is said that Noah recognized that something had to be done if his own tribe/family was to be saved. He built an ark to save his family and, as a systems thinker, realized that he needed to preserve the environment (at least all animals living in the environment) if his family was to exist after the water receded. . . .  Noah’s flood still seems to be threatening us. The mid-21st Century finds us in a world filled with impending or currently present Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) as well as Turbulence and Contradiction (VUCA-Plus).

Imagine an ark such as Noah constructed that was devoted to leadership. It can face up to a VUCA-Plus world and weather the storms by leveraging various leadership mindsets, models, approaches and tools. The basic structure of this ark consists of five fundamental principles and practices of leadership (Legacy Leadership™). They provide both the outside structure (protecting the ark from the storm) and the foundation of the ark (upon which other leadership perspectives will reside). With the ark having been built, a wide diversity of leadership schools, perspectives, frames of reference and practices are invited to populate the ark.”

Peter Armantraut and the Ark of Leadership

Peter now had a business that employed 50 people. He had created a website that enabled him to sell both plants and gardening tools online. Peter also offered podcasts on landscaping and gardening tips that brought people to this website. All of this was well and good for Peter (and Sarah). However, Peter found that he was once again spending a whole lot of time attending meetings and was no longer doing what he really loved—which was landscaping and working outside. Excel spreadsheets were now occupying his attention rather than the spread of ground-covering plants. He was listening to other people rather than to the rustling of leaves on young trees that were growing up under Peter’s caring hands.

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