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Coach the Human not the Culture

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Pure coaching is not about what we do but about who we are being. It is not about where we are born, where we live, our academic qualifications, or who our clients are. It is not about our work experience nor our family situation. It is about who we are being as we show up to coach each individual that comes to us.

There is no regionality in coaching, leave this for our marketing. Pure coaching can be, and is being, practised globally.

Moving from Transactional to Transformational

As noted, who the coach is being is not nationality or regionally defined. In creating sustainable impact and change, it may be more important and relevant that the coach is coaching from who they are being, versus what they are ‘doing’ with the client. Better to ask who does the coach have to be to support the client in who they are and what they really want to achieve. This understanding is often only gained from thousands and thousands and thousands of coaching client hours. By the time we are MCC’s, our models, frameworks, structures and training schools have dissolved, and our unique way of being is what we offer our clients. Trusting in ourselves, rather than the safety net that these tools, techniques and training have provided, is one of the hardest shifts pure coaches must make. As we move to offer pure coaching, we need to let these go and trust ourselves; trust our clients; and trust the coaching process. We move from simply transactional coaching to transformational coaching.

What does it take to offer pure coaching?

Without a doubt, it requires hundreds of hours of coach-specific training and thousands and thousands and thousands of client hours. It’s application of behaviour, not just knowing the theory. Then, and only then, it becomes about who the coach is being. Let’s get clear on this distinction:
• Master Certified Coaches coach the who of the client.
• Pure coaching includes who the coach is being.

EXPERIENCE + TRAINING = COMPETENCE (ACC & PCC) (what and how of the client)

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