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The Coaching Tool Chest

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In the spirit of this experiment, we intend to leave this issue open for submission—we’d like to invite you to submit (and submit again and again, if you’d like).

New Contributions

Right out of the gate, we have submissions from four coaches.

Vikki Brock, who writes about an integrative approach to head, heart and gut” in coaching–a holistic method based in neuroscience.

Head-Heart-Gut Approach to Coaching

David Spungin, a first-time contributor, offers his take on 360 interviews, based in the method promoted by Marshall Goldsmith.

Four Questions for an Artful Feedback Interview

One of us (BC) shares how to support clients with setting the stage for deeper learning and creating a strong basis for renewal conversations in “Client-Led Consolidation of Learning and Review of Return on Investment.”

Client Led Consolidations of Learning and Review of Return on Investment

One of us (BB) also offers two brief tools for use by coaches. The first tool is a short compendium of questions for coaching—his interrogatives offer ways to clarify what your client wants, what your client has, what the gap between the current and the ideal state are, and what ideas might fill the gap.

Key Coaching Questions

The second tool is a framework for the exploration with a client of the “head winds” (resisting forces) and “tail winds” (facilitating forces) that are impacting on their life and work.

Coaching to the Head Winds and Tail Winds

Past Contributions

We also have included in this coaching tool chest some tools that are already in the Library of Professional Coaching (which is itself and abundantly supplied tool chest). Here are these coaching tools:

Emma Louise-Elsey has been one of our most active and generous contributors to the Library’s tool chest. She shares three scripts and a few tips for guided meditation for your clients.

Guided Meditation: Scripts for Relaxation

10 Life Visionary Exercises and Ideas to Help Your Clients Get Inspired by Life!

How to Use the Wheel of Life Template to Create Meaningful Goals!

In “How to Create an Attitude of Gratitude,” Dr. Maynard Brusman share research and tools to help with the mindset of appreciation.

How to Create an Attitude of Gratitude

Mary Anne Flanagan suggests five practical ideas—including asking “who is in your Fab 5?”—for your growth as a life or executive coach.

Who is in Your Fab 5?

Paulette Rao, MCC, asks “How Are You Using Your Power?” to remind us that our marketing messages are built on our internal dialogue.

How Are You Using Your Power?

In a short set of strategies and tactics, one of us (BB) suggests ways to get out of the rut of stress.  See his “Managing the Stress: a Coaching Tool.”

Managing the Stress

Book Shelf

Finally, we offer our recommendation regarding a book that contains many provocative coaching questions. This book, in and of itself, is an overflowing coaching tool chest!

The Book Shelf: and the next question is . . . ?

We hope you are able to open our tool chest and make use of what you find inside. And we encourage you to offer your own contributions to our tool chest in this open-ended issue of The Future of Coaching. Please send your tool to:


Bill Carrier

Bill Bergquist




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