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Dialogical Fitness: Being Ready for High Quality Conversations

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What to do? Techniques for developing spirit reserves include highly reflective activities, such as journaling and expressive writing. These are highly congruent because reflective writing tends to connect us with our values and higher-order motives, reminding us about what’s important and setting (or re- setting) our behavioural intentions. In practical terms, this might mean establishing a regular daily or weekly ritual whereby you fill a journal page with details about an upcoming conversation or meeting and clarify for yourself how you would like that to turn out and how you would like to ‘be’ during the exchange and why that matters.

Customised rituals and routines

These energy reserves can be built in many different ways. And what works for me may not work for you. At the end of the day, it’s really a matter of trial and error; starting with what seems sensible and reflecting on its value. However, whatever you do, revisiting the principle identified by Loehr and Schwartz, make sure you create a small set of simple routines and then commit to them.

If your effectiveness is enhanced by your ability to engage in dialogue, then developing a simple set of disciplines that enable you to manage these important energy reserves can only serve you well!


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